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OK my / : I'm into

related stuff, including:
- (which I do professionally)

Programming, writing and note taking tools like:
- /
- (yes, I use both!)

And , including

...And a bunch of more stuff, but that seems to be the most important things. I am also obnoxiously opinionated.

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Good evening and Mastodon (?)

Here's two pictures of the spiral Messier 100, taken by my colleague and myself on the Nordic Optical Telescope in La Palma, Canary Islands, by myself and my colleague Håkon.

The galaxy is very bright in the central region, so it is hard to get the color scaling right and show detail both in the center and outskirts without getting parts saturated or too dark. Here is an attempt in logarithmic scaling and linear scaling. I also tried making one in square-root scaling but that did not turn out so well.

As a little bonus, we managed to catch the galaxy while a supernova was going off. Can you spot it?

@haverholm Totally. But: I don't like <i>, give me semantic html or give me ... well, frustration, I guess.

Når jeg mener at ophævelsen af forsvarsforbeholdet er en glidebane, så mener jeg ikke en fysisk rutsjebane.. jeg mener en psykologisk glidebane, en teknik politikere ofte bruger mod deres befolkninger, hvor de hver eneste gang siger at valget ikke vil føre til videre konsekvenser. Borgerens valg er i stedet et led i en psykologisk tilvænning, hvor når de har taget et trin op af trappen skal være ekstremt mentalt stærke for at turde vende om og miste værdighed.


Direct eye contact 

Drawing, free hand.
Maybe some day I'll paint again. And this one has some good shadows

#drawing #freehand #portraiture #pencildrawing

Making an for a friend. Working from an document, I begin to question my sanity and the meaning of life.

BUT! I think I've beaten the confounded document into submission, as it now exports a relatively standards-compliant epub3 that I only need to make a few changes to in order to maintain my professional pride.

(yes, I work in and it's not my first rodeo with Indesign and it's "I know better than you"-exporting. Still frustrating as hell)

Jeg synes faktisk, at DRs nye visuelle identitet er vildt fed

Since it's #TowelDay here's a fun fact: did you know that the domes of the Auxiliary Telescopes at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile are uncannily similar to Marvin the Paranoid Android? #astronomy

Dagens zen fra #LivetSomArkæolog er dette fund af i alt 14 brakteater fra 400-550 AD. Fundet blev gjort i forbindelse med fjernelse af en min gravhøj i 1868 på gården Øvre Madla, vest for Stavanger. Det var almindeligt på den tid at fjerne gravhøje, da man konstant havde brug for mere jord til landbrug. Meget arkæologisk viden gik tabt i perioden fra ca 1820 til 1950 i dette område.

@thriveth Wow, and that’s the integrated mag too. Marvellous work! Mind if I share it on the bird site too?

Just remembered this amateur astronomer who managed to capture the Sunburst Arc, the my pet gravitationally lensed galaxy, with his 132 mm amateur telescope, by taking a large number of pictures of the same plot of the sky over a total of 22.5 hours, then painstakingly stacking them. Capturing gravitationally lensed galaxies is incredibly hard with hobbyist equipment and this is a very strong piece of work.

Whichever browser I use, it must be version 6.0 or higher. Got it. 🤔

Smallest library in Italy. This retired school teacher followed his long life dream to bring books to local communities and reads the children stories

We don't do visual observations at professional observatories anymore – everything is recorded digitally – but sometimes we do it just for fun!

I took this picture a few years ago at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile. That's one of our four 8.2 m telescopes. One of its instruments had been recently removed, and the engineers placed a glass screen where we projected the Moon at twilight. Such a great way to show the Moon to lots of people at once!

#astronomy #astrophotography

“.01% of bitcoin holders hold 27% of all bitcoin! That’s 100x the wealth concentration of the regular economy.”

Next time someone tells you cryptocurrencies and blockchain are about decentralisation, laugh in their faces. Loudly. While pointing at them.

#cryptocurrency #blockchain #decentralisation #web3 #rightLibertarian #bullshit

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