@thor i actually use it for a KVM tbh lol. I also hate they take the pause / break key off newer keyboards, bc WINDOWS+PAUSE pops the system snap-in window open. I feel if they're gonna leave in legacy key layouts and incorrect letters in typing from 1960 they can leave my dang keys alone!! /rant

@hardmous This is for my Hackintosh, so those keys are completely unused. Not even screenshots, because macOS doesn't use PrtSc for that...

@thor aah was wondering what it was for - sweet. i had an old sony vaio hackintosh but could never get the networking and sound to work. what's the hardware?

@hardmous Oh, a desktop computer, Skylake chipset, Core i7 processor, 32 GB RAM, internal 512 GB SSD, hot plug bay with mirrored mechanical disks for archive storage, formatted with ZFS.

@hardmous It was built a few years ago, but the disk array is a recent addition.

@thor not bad at all. I heard hey are abandoning x86 tho? making their own chips again soon? my knowledge of apple stopped after the eMac lol

@hardmous They are abandoning Intel, but it will take some time. Don鈥檛 know what I鈥檒l do when they stop releasing macOS for Intel. For the moment, I鈥檓 actually two versions behind on macOS. I鈥檝e been reluctant to upgrade to Catalina because people say none of their software works anymore, and now Big Sur is on its way.

@thor if they wanna cut down on hackintosh they should just sell their OS for more than like 20 bucks lol

@hardmous They haven鈥檛 actually sold macOS in a while. It doesn鈥檛 cost anything. They make all their money on the hardware.

@hardmous The hardware I own can run other OSes of course, and all my important files are on the ZFS disks, which Linux can read, of course.

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