Should I stream tonight? I tried at 18:00 UTC last night and didn't really get any viewers...


20:00 CET (18:00 UTC) is the perfect time for me to stream. It's evening, but not so late as to make me too tired to work on my projects. I've got a feeling people are doing other stuff at that time, though, such as gaming, watching movies or maybe having a beer at a bar.

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If people watch me work on the Fediverse maps, I'll be more motivated to work on it, I think.

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@thor Mastodon users at the bar - as if...

Tbh the last time I switched to your stream I put it on TV via Chromecast and in between I did some everyday stuff like making and having dinner, hanging up the laundry and such. I didn't have the nerve to watch Netflix and the TV programme was garbage as usual.

I don't watch livestreams on a regular basis. It really depends on my mood and time schedule but I will surely tune in to yours again.

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