Microsoft corporate culture is so weird. Zero imagination, people in suits... It's funny that they've become exactly like IBM, the company they sought to bring down. You'll never get fired for buying Microsoft.

If Microsoft had even an ounce of creativity in them, their OS would look a lot sexier.

I will say this, though. Google, although a bit hipper, also needs some serious work in the UI design department.

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@tk Steve Jobs, despite being a very abrasive person, wasn't stupid. Guy was, in many respects, a nerd, but a nerd who understood marketing. Rare power combo.

If you don't think he's a nerd, think back to the early days of Apple. Who but a nerd would be making micros in 1976 and approach investors with a janky prototype to get funding?

I mean, to even see a business opportunity there requires some technical interest.

Guy introduced vector fonts to macOS after taking a calligraphy course.

@tk He also understood what he was looking at when he saw the Xerox Alto computer.

Tim Cook is nowhere near that kind of a visionary.

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