I'll set up a Linux server for you. I can install Mastodon, Pleroma, Jitsi, ejabberd (XMPP server), Nginx, Apache, Gitea, NextCloud, Jitsi, Postfix (SMTP), Dovecot (IMAP), Spamassassin, etc, etc.

I can also fix broken software on your server, upgrade packages, migrate files and databases between servers, and make programs and scripts to automate tasks.

Google "average IT consultant rate small business" for my rates, or pay me in spice or unobtainium. DM me if this sounds interesting.

@thor in interested but I don’t understand the angle here.

@professortom The constraints of a day job has caused me a great deal of trouble for the past ~20 years. That approach has failed decisively and I need alternatives.

@professortom I have microblogged extensively about this on here, so if you want to know the details, just browse my feed.

@thor Ah! That makes much more sense.

Out of curiosity, would you happen to have a resume? I’d be curious to know what other skills you have to get.

@professortom I’d have to update it, but if you’re not looking for a history of employment, I could dig up a skill list.

@professortom It's missing a section on Linux stuff, and maybe other things, but you can fill in with the pinned posts on my profile.

@thor I need them for myself right now. Haven’t had any work in 2.5 months.

@thor If you run into anyone that needs help with testing of any kind Of Python roles, CI/CD aka Build & Release. Any kind of SDET work (e2e; unit testing any of the following languages: Javascript, Typescript, Python, C#, Java; api testing) would also be of interest to me.

@professortom This is the kind of thing freelancers say to each other, and then promptly forget about. Shouldn’t be that way tbh, but did anyone ever take info like that, write it down somewhere, and refer to it when looking for gigs? I mean, it doesn’t happen afaik, but it would be good if it did

@professortom Hm, okay, not clear enough I suppose. Uh, remember what someone else knows and refer customers to them. I’ve never had it happen to me. I mean, it would have to be if you kinda decide to form an alliance or group and systematise it

@thor I bookmarked the list you gave me. If anything comes up, I’ll be sure to pass it along.

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@freddyym I’ll accept it if Han Solo would trade it, or if it gives you a longer life span.

@thor can't guarantee either of those, though it comes with a recycled lid!

@thor love the bio ❤️ can I use it for myself too please 🙏 ?

I'm not sure about spice and unobtainium though 😐 🤔

I can guarantee on everything except for the mail server ( not the software installation or configuration but the reputation of the server itself that the software is being installed on )

@shine Throwing a joke in there seemed appropriate since social media are informal. They’re in-jokes: Spice is a Star Wars or Dune reference and unobtainium is an Avatar reference.

@thor ooh, I don't know why I couldn't relate to the references even though I actually knew both of them 🤔 maybe because I was in a semi-serious head when I was reading the rest of the toot? 😉

@shine As for using it, um, well, if you’re offering the same services, I’m not sure that would be so good for me lol, but if you’re offering different stuff, uh, sure... I think you should invent your own flavour though, to stand out.

@thor but, but, what would all of us #sysadmin do if we were all going to claim turfs and territories? all we have to offer is pretty much the same #services - #install, #configure, #maintain 😜

@shine It’s not so much about claiming turf and more about customers being something you generally wanna wave your own way unless they are looking for stuff you’re not offering. And, as you say, most any person in any profession offers much the same as his colleagues, so what it boils down to then is marketing and networking, of which having a personal brand is a rather important part since it helps you stand out.

@shine So, I mean, the copy I wrote may not be worth much, maybe it’s not a big advantage, but I think it’s worth something

@shine Marketers often copy each other, and they don't ask permission, but not an entire ad, since that would be plagiarism.

@thor this is an impressive list! but ...

But seriously, i will save it to share at the right time with those in need.
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