How funny. The nicest and simplest SMTP MTA I have managed to find so far is OpenSMTPD from the OpenBSD project.

Look at this. This is how you design software. This is a config file that will actually result in a working mail server:

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does it support sql based domains and users?
how would it chain into lets say dovecot?

i am seriously interested. rn im using postfix with dovecot with a (p)sql backed authentication scheme.

@kura Apparently this is how you install the extras:

I see Ubuntu already includes opensshd and openssh-extras, so that does make things simpler.

@thor Mine is quite more complicated but I've been tinkering it for more than a year to fit all my (weird) use-cases and experiments.

And it's still nicely readable.

@lanodan MY needs are not so complex. Virtual hosts, delivery, uh, yeah.

I would have to look up mine, but I know use Haraka email, makes handling email cert/auth/dkim/spf & user accounts a breeze!

@thor Yes! OpenSMTP is the only smtp server I ever enjoyed to work with. It's really amazingly simple - just like the SMTP protocol itself.

@phel @rick @lanodan @kura My only complaint is that the documentation is a bit sparse. It took me several hours to figure out how virtual domains actually work.

I have a working Dockerfile for it now. Excellent!

@thor @phel @kura I think I had few issues with figuring how few things worked but asking in the IRC channel gave me a response if it wasn't in the manpage.
@lanodan @thor @phel whats the IRC?
tryin to dabble into opensmtpd but virtual auth fails 100% of the time for me :(

@kura @lanodan @phel I can upload my setup to, so you can take a look at it.

@thor @lanodan @phel that could work as well.
or you could look at mine see if you can see any mistake.

every time i try to login it throws me a 535 authentication failed, even tho it finds the user and i defo use the correct password

@lanodan @kura @phel

(Oops, named the repository 'opensshd-example' because muscle memory. Fixed.)

(LOL, I keep screwing this up, forgot to stip /settings from the URL.)

Here you go:

Tried to document what's going on in as much detail as possible. Took me all day to figure it all out, but it's really simple once you get it.

@thor @rick @lanodan @kura Yes that's true. The manlages sometimes don't quite do the trick. And old tutorials are useless as they completely revamped the config file format

@thor Personally, I want open source to go simple. small. it will have effect of encouraging more developers. it will reduce bugs. BSD seems to be simplier. I've been thinking about it. but can we get simplier than minix? perhaps a new XINU?

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