Some people are unbelievably shameless. If they're caught doing something, they'll just wait until nobody's looking and do it again. They don't have a moral compass, only goals, and they pursue them without a trace of self doubt.

What irritates me about all the traffic in the Oslo area is how unnecessary it is. Public transportation is excellent in the entire East Norway region. These people don't drive because they have to, but because they want to. Most of them don't even live in Oslo. They're commuting from areas outside the city. There is no lack of office real estate outside the city, but companies want to be in Oslo because it's a business hub, and it's a business hub because colonies want to be there.

Why the hell is there so much traffic? It's 12:20. Where is everybody going in the middle of the day? The buses are delayed and it's not even rush hour.

The dumbest wikis are those without any links on the main page and you have to guess where the entries are by reading the editors' minds. Those of us who aren't psychics need accessibility features.

My sneezes start with a roaring "HUH?!?!" and end with "Tchoo!", apparently.


It not only can't find modules in the same directory as the Python file, it can't find any of the modules I have installed on the system. The solution the entire Internet always suggests doesn't work for me.

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Going nuts trying to get pylint working in VSCode. This is with the official Python extension installed. Why is it so hard to get working? My experience with C and JS liners has been silky smooth.

GAMER: *talks about current issues and controversies in the video game world*

ME: Wait, why are you taking it so seriously? Video games don't have current issues or controversies. They're only games. It's all in your head.

It took me joining Mastodon in my mid-30s to encounter English speakers who spell calling a cat as pspsps. I didn't know you guys did that.

I was looking for organiser apps in the App Store earlier and came across several apps for tracking menstrual cycles.

When you're a woman, you've got this entire *machinery* inside of you that seemingly requires no end of management and supervision.

Meanwhile, all I have to do is keep my junk clean and readjust it once in a while...

I slimmed up the config file syntax for zasd (ZFS Automatic Snapshot Daemon) considerably. I didn't have to modify a parser, because Python is the parser. The file is executed in a separate scope, and whatever is set in that scope when the script finishes is deep merged onto the built-in default configuration to produce the runtime configuration.

Git project:

Example configuration file:

Oh, the Dark Mode extension for Chrome is nice nice. It turns sites dark even if they don't have a Dark Mode.

Order from Lucky Dice tonight!

Our menu:
1. Food Surprise
2. Drink Surprise

Place your order now and we deliver whatever whenever however.

Oh for...

Found in my inbox.Can we just start tracking down spammers and execute them in broad daylight already?

Maybe I should just make a Web app that lets you paste text into it and turn it into a nicely typeset image. I mean, all I'd need is to generate some TeX code.

PROTIP: If you're posting a screenshot of HTML, for fuck's sake zoom in on it and make your browser narrower, so I can read it on my smartphone.

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