Stir fry tonight. Still using the chopsticks gifted to me by Fumio, a medical student from Japan who visited Edinburgh during my final year of med school, and spent some time with me on the Infectious Diseases unit. Arigato, Fumio.

When you were here before
I didn't satisfy
You ordered an omelet
Your hunger was high
Your ticket was misplaced
And you got the wrong food
You ordered the special
I wish I was special

But I'm a crêpe
I'm a pancake
What the hell am I doing here
I don't belong here

Monkeypox. Don't talk to me about fucking Monkeypox.

A house by the sea at Beesands in South Devon. Gouache and watercolour.

The existence of Gdansk implies the existence of Gsvensk

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Hullo, little friend. You look like you were made by a master chocolatier.

No one has the guts to book a show with @DragonForce and @anamanaguchi on the same stage.

re: Eye contact, tired 

Hang on, is the alt text visible for that image? I can't access it now. Am I doing it wrong?

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re: Eye contact, tired 

(Can alt texts be submitted for the Pulitzer? I feel like I'd be in with a shout.)

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