Dear ❤
I'm still the same instead of the change of my circumstances. You haven't noticed me for a long nor have you tried to know what I feel when everything is falling in front of me. This situation changed its shape and so did you. That's good or best for you. It is my pleasure to know that you're having your happier time after a long gap. Sharing my happy moments with you makes my happiness happier. O yeah,it's my very own perspective.

We're progressing to achieve our bigger dreams and sacrificing all that little ones we once had found our happiness in. Yeah, this is called grown up personality. One day we'll be held on the top but we will not be able to find the ladder again. On that very day, we're gonna miss our ground again.

We're in love and it's very silent and cold. It has depth of feelings that we don't need to talk for 5 mins a day on cell phone, nor need we to chat for 10 mins a day nor need we to meet once a month. We're not disturbing elements though, we would enjoy sharing our everyday ups and downs, our happiness would multiply, our stress would be released. Actually the fact is that we're busy in feeling the depth. Maybe it leads to hell.

Some times we hesitate asking something directly and choose to hint it first. When our hints fail, we need to clear it out. So, all it started with decreasing communication. The more days passed, the more it decreased. We've been habituated with this. For now, we hardly share our feelings or something else with each other. All we need is our privacy, our very own fucking space. Even we are unable to manage a little time to ask another "how's your day".

4yrs n 3 attempts..despite 3 hits in past..

Finally...I got↪↪↪🔜🔜


I dedicate this award (cardigan) to my beasties


If not for their singing tapes , my knitting wouldn't have finally ended up complete as cardigan 😥

After 4yrs n 3 attempts

Their love voice bewitched my sleep so much that I know 24x7⏱🌑📍

The cardigan which all said would never complete🔮

Was finished today 😢🙆‍♀️


Thanks friends,in ,no job no worry..knitting hurry😉


Send some for me too..

Glad he trusts us now...V happy for u..

Love to both of u💕💕🤗🤗

What a good morning when your lover provides you with some delicious "pithe" 😋

Cousin : Chhutti nahi mil rahi, pura din lab me rehna padh raha hain, ghoom ne ki plan baad me karna

Me : ABVP wale ko ghoosa denge tere lab me

I threaten my boyfriend if he doesn't reply to me in time, I'll become a Tiktokiya 👈

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