Ten million (10,000,000). Often used with units of money.


A local election, things got worse than just mud- slinging

Phaseolus acutifolius, Tepary beans. While these are in a patch i do water they have recieved no direct water since they sprouted. These are native to the American southwest and provided a staple food crop before colonization.

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The greater the pressure
of the negative

The greater more powerful
burst of transformation
will follow soon


#Arachtober 12: did you think I schlepped myself all the way to Humber Bay Park to get *one* Neoscona-in-sumac pic? Please! Have some more. #DailySpiderPic 🐘

Wearing my best 1970s sundress today. Felt like no better wallpaper matched my feeling than this one.

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A yogurt made with water buffalo milk, fermented in bamboo.

The range of a bee

Most wild range less than 1 km from their nest.  To progate they need to find the essentials within that range:
- Food
- Water
- Undisturbed nesting sites
- Mates

Many wild bees are solitary or live in small colonies. Your yard is probably large enough to support wild bees.

If a plant flowers and is native to your area, bees will probably love it.

In some areas, morning dew is adequate for water for bees. In dry weather, keep a bird-bath or a water a garden.

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