Look at yourself in the mirror every day and smile.. because you are a beautiful creation of our Father in Heaven who loves you so very much.

**Genome sequencing shows climate barrier to spread of Africanized bees**

"Since the 1950s, 'Africanized' honeybees have spread north and south across the Americas until apparently coming to a halt in California and northern Argentina. Now genome sequencing of hundreds of bees from the northern and southern limits shows a gradual decline in African ancestry a…"


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I just renewed my public library card
another year of free books, reading newspapers online without a paywall, free music and free videos!


A "Luxury Bug Condo" that is an excellent nesting site for many wild

Crucial bee populations are being threatened by habitat loss, chemical pesticides, and disease — but not all hope is lost thanks to urban beekeeping 🐝

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Ten million (10,000,000). Often used with units of money.


A local election, things got worse than just mud- slinging

Phaseolus acutifolius, Tepary beans. While these are in a patch i do water they have recieved no direct water since they sprouted. These are native to the American southwest and provided a staple food crop before colonization.

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The greater the pressure
of the negative

The greater more powerful
burst of transformation
will follow soon


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