Over the holidays one of my projects was to reboot my little library. We are in a rural area with low book turn-over (about 1 per week) and a cool, wet climate, so the books can get musty. I added 12 VDC lighting and heating. I also added food-grade desiccant to reduce humidity.

A notice on the door reads “12 VDC lighting provides gentle heating to reduce humidity for better condition books”.

Another observation from July 2020. A Black-notched Cloak-and-dagger Bee (Thyreus lilacinus) spotted in the mangrove area at Coney Island, Singapore.

Like cuckoo birds, these bees lay their eggs in the nest of other bees (digger bees).

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/5 ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #2020 #Bees #Hymenoptera

She had Summer in her eyes
While he held his eternal sighs
He wrote her name in the sand
For her to see as she passed by
And she softly smiled..
Always invisible to her eyes
His words always heard in her mind
As they stand calmly through these battle cries
Because Angels don't fall, they fly..

#microstories #poetoot

A nonalcoholic soft drink, often made with syrup and carbonated water.

Unco Guid:
the self-righteously moral or pious (Scottish)

shaped like the letter "U", like the hyoid bone under the tongue.

Butternut pumpkin and lil red Tomatoes, the harvesting of my labours in the garden, beginning..

Happy New Year ! "2021"
And may your New Year be blessed with the spiritual fruits of love, peace with gratitude in our hearts..

💛💜 Be blessed by Love 💙💚


NativeSeeds.org is reaching out for donations to continue their free #seed programs. These programs benefit #indigenous families and individuals in the southwest region, as well as school and community programs. @plants

migrating to this platform made me realize i'd never read a style guide for image descriptions. i'm sure a lot of us new people are in the same boat :~)

here are some guidelines, examples, and additional resources that helped me:


A wailing ode, song, hymn or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.

To hit the ground with a golf club before a golf tee.

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