A piece of wood used to stop a wheel from rolling

An Asian Honey Bee (Apis cerana) spotted gathering pollen at Coney Island, Singapore, on 29 Aug 2021. Often seen everywhere, but seldom appreciated by others, I think.

These bees are related to the Western (domesticated) Honey Bees that most people are familiar with.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/9 ]

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A muted green tweed (of Scotish derivation)

Research news - Farmers help create ‘Virtual safe space’ to save bumblebees - University of Exeter


Resting bee

It posed patiently while I held the leaf and moved it to get better angles. Then it decided it had given me enough time and took off.

This Bee Builds Sandcastles at the Beach | KQED

While you’re enjoying a day at the beach, female bumblebee-mimic digger bees are hard at work nearby building a different kind of sandcastle. This one’s not for play – it’s part of the nest where their offspring will grow.


An erosion pattern with scooped out pock marks, like a sponge.

A sport where one pole vaults over water.

To sneeze uncontrollibly after a large meal.

Friendly reminder that if you think you have no talent at drawing, writing, making games, developing, etc... that choosing to participate in the act of creation is in and of itself a precious revolutionary act, and the thing you make will have more artistic value than all of the pristine plastic shit you see on a daily basis.

Grow a shitty garden, draw a shitty picture, and make shitty games. Just do it for yourself and your friends, and do it for fun. I promise you that the corporations need your money more than you need their culture.

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