The EUNOMIA pilot for the Mastodon community will be launching soon!

We'll have two servers that federate with each other in an isolated test environment where you'll be able to make an account and test the unique EUNOMIA features.

Stay tuned!

Internet is a place where:

People sharing corporation's "property" is compared to attacking ships (piracy)

Corporations sharing between them user's data is "respecting their privacy" and "improving their services"


If you think of free software as a developers' rights issue, it's a solved problem. Developers can use free stacks everywhere, and they are free to fix anything. Nobody is legally restricted from learning to be a developer. There's a pretty good live ecosystem. Mission accomplished.

If you think of free software as a human rights issue, you need to think about how all people can actually use and benefit, and usability and accessibility and localisation all become integral parts of the problem.

Cybersecurity expert and crypto legend Bruce Schneier @schneierblog puts it this way: "Either everyone gets to spy, or nobody gets to spy. Your phone doesn't know 'good guy/bad guy'" (4/7)

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i just opened spotify to listen to music while i showered and i know it ain’t about me but it was super cool to see my art on the home page under new releases haha. go stream sam aleums now!!

So, now turns out FOSS-advocate YouTubers and PeerTubers are starting to stop de-Googling their smartphones, because of how convenient Google services are, and because they don't want to brick their smarphones. I mean, I get it, they're their smartphones, they can do whatever they want with them; but they leave a lot to be said. If they're not willing to live without Google or Big Tech snooping on them, why should we, regular people?

A more private internet would give a better experience. The main reason social media websites are designed the way they are, is to promote the most engagement possible. The more ads you see and the more data you give them.

If social media platforms were funded in a different way, we would see less trolling and less hate speech. The more enraged you are, the more you want to win the conversation, and the more you stay online. This is not good for individuals or society.”

I find myself echoing Christopher Alexander's idea of the separation between things "made" and things "generated".

I'm very much afraid that our current software development and cybersecurity trends are choking the user-driven, "generative" life out of software and computer systems.

On the other side of the equation, though, our lack of cybersecurity also destroys /QWAN/ and generativity.

You can't relax and feel safe in a computer system that at any moment could turn rogue and destroy you.

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We live in a post-gender world

Post your gender

I love it when companies block traffic from Europe outright because that's just a good excuse to read the article via web archive + firefox reader without _any_ of their shitty tracking and js ✨

I really dislike how individual freedom and collectivism are analyzed as in conflict;
there cannot be true individual freedom except when material needs are met collectively, communally, and without exception.

@strawberryfieldsforever Searx supports a long list of bangs:

They can be triggered using double exclamations marks and then the engine, example:

!!ddg recursion

On the one hand, I understand Linus when he says he hasn't tried Debian because it's not as easy to install as other distros. On the other hand, I secretly know expects me to embrace the struggle of installing it everywhere and anywhere, including a potato.

reinventing the monorepo concept by having a single git commit you constantly amend to and force push

You know those apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic movies where the news or social media is catastrophe after catastrophe? Well, seeing so many messed up s makes me worry so much about ...

Like, it's here. It's happening. Now. And I still have a life expectancy long enough to see it make places of the world uninhabitable...

Let's cap and trade the s&)t out of carbon emissions, if not make larger structural changes.

More and more, I come to see "" not as a method nor a goal, but as the result of widespread social values that *incidentally* bolster free speech.

An implication is that, if we are to *deliberately* seek free speech, starting through 'freeing speech' rather than instilling 'freeing values' is not as effective. We are much better served starting with assuring we all have . Hey Alex! As a fan of your posts, and The Owner of Mastodon ™©®🤞, I'm sad that I can't see your thumbnails. It's possible you no longer have a profile pic, which like is totally fair if that's what you want. But many times with memes or site thumbnails, I just see "not available", and blurry picture in the background.

It could also be that you're rightly skeptical of "The Owner of Mastodon ™©®🤞" and want to keep your privacy. I'd do it myself. That's why I don't show him my true pictures!

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