AFAICT @koherecoWatchdog, the lists are configurable in services.json. I’ve just started the packaging process so I’m unsure if it can be located at a standard location. Cc: @alcinnz and @testman

@koherecoWatchdog, the README says the tool only remove unresponsive instances, not adding (which makes sense because new instances must come from somewhere). Cc: @testman and @alcinnz

@cnx @testman @koherecoWatchdog @alcinnz The #Farside author, #BenBusby, has a website of his own and it’s on Cloudflare. He apparently has no fediverse presence and is only reachable in walled gardens & email. Strange that the main contributor to Farside would be out of touch with the free world. Will be interesting to see how he treats bug 43.

@batalanto @cnx @testman @koherecoWatchdog Not that I have a problem with someone only being available via email, email is a fine standard.

Though I would agree being on other social media but not the fediverse isn't a great sign...

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