"The quieter you become, the more you're able to hear"...

...is about @peter 's mysterious Mastodon server.


@lightone @peter Was that not the motto / tagline of Back|Track, the predecessor to Kali Linux?

@testman Yes, I think so. Since then it became a popular phrase; I've seen it on all sorts of cups, stickers and other merch. Of course, it doesn't work quite as well in Fediverse :p Where the number of connections influences how much one can see of the network. And, of course, it would be wonderful if quiet accounts became active. I sincerely wish for this whole Fedi thing to take off to another level 🚀. @peter

@lightone @testman Well, I'm all for the fediverse and I'm here to stay, just took some time to get the energy to set up my own server to feel a bit in control. So, well, I'll start posting here more too. :)

@testman @lostinlight Once I was on the performance of Japanese minimal noise musician, sensitive and delightful. In the interview he said that during the concert he is 80% listening and 20% playing.
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