This is my racoon themed tea set and sake set 🦝🍶🍵

@Kyrylys oh thanks! Amazon, where I got them said Tanuki Raccoon. I didn't realize they weren't really raccoons!

Well, it seems like a nice tea set and sake set.

@tehjessica Do you have this pic on birdsite?

I'd like to RT it there too!

(else, can I repost this and the previous one on my account at birdsite? Thanks!)

@tehjessica this is way too cute. I love raccoons. Can I ask where you bought this? Is it available online, or did you make it yourself? I'd love to have one of these.

@tehjessica Adorable! 🦝[I'm whispering this compliment because I have a Coonhound and liking this tea set is a betrayal 🤫]

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