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Hello y'all! Just posting my again since I changed servers. My name is Jessica. I used to spend a lot more time on the bird app prior to hearing about this place.

I love and you will see mine often because they are quite cute. I'm also super into comic books and review a couple series for The Geekiary.

I enjoy horror , reading , and watching . I love and play many of the Nintendo game systems.

I also do , , and sewing crafts sometimes.

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I don't think Elon Musk remembers when you used to get put in Twitter Jail for tweeting too much, but Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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I love that the local comic book shop pulled this variant cover for me

I attended a vigil at San Fernando Cathedral in downtown San Antonio this evening for Uvalde. Mayor Ron Nirenberg was there along with religious leaders of various faiths. A bell was rung and a moment of silence given for each person who was killed yesterday. Enough is enough.

Selfie with my kitty 

Look who came to spend time with me ❀️

Trying to write to government officials about what happened in Uvalde yesterday and not really knowing what to say. John Cornyn's office might respond. Ted Cruz's will probably ignore completely. But, I think I'll start with the mayor of my city (Ron Nirenberg) and if anything will be done to make our city safer.

UPDATE Uvalde, Texas Shooting 

It turns out my friend's friend's cousin wasn't hospitalized, she was missing and later found to be one of the victims. RIP Eliahana.

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I always find Ordinary World starring Billie Joe Armstrong, surprisingly super wholesome.

PS: I am a huge Green Day fan

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I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.

Uvalde, Texas Shooting 

Just saw on Facebook that one of my friend's, his friend's cousin was shot at the Uvalde Elementary School and is currently in the hospital. Just awful.

Here's a fun photo of me and some of my family... I'm the one laughing hysterically at my cousin's husband who is hanging off of my husband :blobcatgiggle:

Also true story, my mom gave me her old laptop because she accidentally shut a pen in it and it cracked the screen. The touch screen freaked out and she thought it was no longer usable. She got a new one and then figured out the touch screen could be turned off and she gave it to me. It was a much better laptop than the super cheap one I was using, so totally worth it.

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Just ordered a new laptop as the one my mom gave me that is probably 8 years or older now has shut off 3 times randomly on me without warning over the past so many months. I figure 3 strikes is a good rule. It was time.

I'm looking forward to using a brand new laptop for work/personal use without cracks in the screen too, but I'm very thankful I've had this laptop because my old one would not have worked well for working remotely from home. This one did what I needed it to do and I got almost 2 years out of it.

Back to work today. It was good to have a day to rest between quick travel and back to work again.

Magazines I got at the airport because I am apparently an eclectic person XD

My husband and I both wore our Jurassic Park shirts yesterday and got so many compliments. It was funny. People just thought it was so great we decided to match that way lol. My brother is standing on the other side of me in the Dragon Ball Z shirt.

I really enjoyed my time in New York with my family, but it's always good to be home. And of course the cats are happy to see us!

This house, in Altmar, New York, built in the early 1800s was owned by my great grandparents.

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