My next read is 'The Unfortunate Expiration of Mr David S Sparks' by William F Aicher.

New artwork (I think subconsciously inspired by Katherine Macdonald's 'The Rose and The Thorn', which I'm currently reading):


© 2022, Tanweer Dar

My current read is 'The Rose & The Thorn' by Katherine Macdonald - am loving it so far!

Had a lovely time away with the family.

Back now, so hopefully you'll see me around a bit more!

shall return as normal tomorrow.

(Please do not boost)

Photos © 2022 Tanweer Dar.

Nice to play at home with my son - has been a while. He was happy with his new Necron. And he beat me! 🙈

Photo taken in our back garden today.

© 2022, Tanweer Dar

Funny how nature works sometimes.

Like if you get the reference 😉

Watched Hostiles (2017) on .

Outstanding film. Truly superb acting. Christian Bale is always phenomenal, but Rosamund Pike was a revelation (I've never been impressed with her in other movies).

Brutally honest portrayal of that era, too.

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