Official: ISL fixture Jamshedpur and Chennaiyin has been moved to Monday, 9th December from 6 December with a 7:30 pm kick-off time. Rescheduling done in view of the Jharkhand State Assembly Phase 2 Polling on 7th December.

Why do I pay an education cess?
My Cess & Tax must be used for #EducationForAll .
#TaxPayersWithJNU not for building statues & for his Highness Mr 's Foreign Visit !

Congress doing their absolute best to remain unlikable. At a time they could join JNU protest, they're focused on this...

Hong Kong's High Court rules that the mask ban introduced by the government under emergency powers is unconstitutional.

#HongKongProtests #AntiMaskLaw #news

Hey, I'm a 21 year old digital artist. Just made my account yesterday, so I'm still very new, but feel free to say hi! #introduction

More than 400 pages of internal Chinese documents provide an unprecedented inside look at the crackdown on ethnic minorities in the region.
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Hundreds of pages of internal papers offer new insight into how China's mass detention program began, how it was justified, and how some officials resisted it.
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Hoo boy. @gautambhatia tears into the 'Executive Court' run by ex-CJI Ranjan Gogoi with a clarity & courage that nobody else comes close to - nor can they.

Read this & weep, friends. Read this and get angry. Read this and do not forget what this man has done to the rule of law and the very idea of justice in this country.

And pray that CJIs to come read it & understand what they must do to fix things.

First thing you should know that is a decentralized social media platform.

That is the fundamental difference between of it from or .

A decentralized network, which means there is no central group with all of the power.

So here it is

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First win for Federer on Djokovic since 2015 - to end a five match losing streak. Far, far too good to win 6-4, 6-3. Djokovic knocked out of ATP Finals. With that, Nadal to finish the year as the World No. 1.

What a win for Rafa! Keeps himself alive in London and the battle for World No. 1 will go forward.

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From 1-5 and match point down, Nadal wins five games in a row to put all the pressure on Daniil Medvedev. What an incredible turnaround!

Calling all Creators who can create Gif, Memes, 10sec videos or any form of content on why people should migrate to mastodon.

For more on the why please read the Thread by @Memeghnad

Eg of Ideas till now.

Please note that mastodon runs on donations so please donate to instances you are in.

@Deepsealioness @IndiasMuslims @dennisckurian boost please.

Clasico finally confirmed for December 18 at 8 PM CET. Now the issue raised by some is of the rest available to both teams.

Barca play on the Saturday prior at 4 PM (at Anoeta) and Real Madrid are off to Mestalla on Sunday for a 9 PM kickoff. So Barca get a whole 29 hours more to rest!

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