The verdict has annulled respect for history and seeks to replace history with religious faith. True reconciliation can only come when there is confidence that the law in this country bases itself not just on faith and belief, but on evidence. — Romila

“The Ayodhya verdict will of course be read in the political context alone. Once you read the judgment in the present context, you will know the Supreme Court has failed to uphold liberty. This would mean that the lesson emanating from all this (Ayodhya Judgment) is that the present Supreme Court is part of an illiberal state. This is a dangerous trend for democracy.” - Kaleeswaram Raj, Sr SC Lawyer.

The core issue, really, is what kind of democracy India has become. Kashmir for India was always special, once a beacon for pluralism and accommodation in a diverse country. That plural approach now lies in tatters. The territory is ‘ours’, but the people are bitter, angry and alienated. Even words that can heal are missing from our lexicon.

Maruti Suzuki India reduced its production by 20.7% in October. It is 3.22% higher than that of the September numbers.

Kashmir will be developed and Ram Mandir will be built by Modi govt to make India a $5 trillion economy by 2024

They could prove only the “faith and belief” of Hindus and it was enough for the SC to give a judgment in favour of Hindus in a land dispute case.

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I have no problem with your desire to worship Ram Lalla Virajman. However his "next friend" and the friend's gangs are definitely problematic

“What was there before the Constitution was adopted is not the responsibility of the Supreme Court. There was no democratic republic of India.Then where a masjid, a mandir, a Buddhist stupa Or a church was… if we sit down to make such judgments, a lot of temples and mosques and other structures will have to be demolished. We cannot go into mythological ‘facts’. Who is Ram? Is there any historically proved situation? — Justice A K Ganguli

Can someone pls explain, why our Supreme Court, which officially works only on Monday to Friday, delivered an important judgement on a second Saturday?

Modi govt’s unofficial spokes Person threatening Shiv Sena leaders with ED, Income Tax, Direcorate of Revenue Intelligence and CBI raids

Can the Collegium pls explain how and why a judge who is not eligible to be the CJ of the MP HC becomes eligible to become the CJ of Tripura HC?

This is high time to end this Secret Affair.
We are still a Democracy even if we have Modi Ji as the PM

Arshad Sami Khan was a fighter pilot in PAF. Later he was the chief of protocol for three Pakistan Presidents and four Pak PMs.

Modi govt granted Indian citizenship to his son Adnan Sami in 2015.

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