how is it even possible for an opened bottle of pesi to sit somewherre for like a year and not ferment ?

hes the one who likes all our pretty songs and he like to sing along and he likes to shoot his gun but he dunno what means !

En réponse au code vestimentaire qui leur est imposé, les #AfghanWomen sont décidé de protester en ligne en diffusant les photos des tenues et robes traditionnelles que les Talibans ne sauraient voir. 💜
HT #DoNotTouchMyClothes

Afghan women have started online campaign to protest Taliban's dress code. They post their photos with their traditional clothes and use #DoNotTouchMyClothes , #AfghanistanCulture and #AfghanWomen tags

what they don't tell you is that the fediverse logo is actually a summoning circle

@owashii sometimes what works best is dependent on your hardware and what they optimised the compile for this week

it started to dawn on me that i literally cannot function without music

when you running 3d coat zbrush blender and unreal5 all in the same box , and your scared that the thing is gonna start dripping lava

kinda sad that the unreal blender bridge is not working in 5 yet

can we start referring to ppl who take ivermectin as brown pilled ?

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