should i try to make a demoscene in ue5 next week ?

A question for you... (AMA reversed) 

... for every fav I'll ask something and anyone who wishes to may answer.

Boost and fav and let's have some interesting answers!

#AskMeAnything but reversed

going to be boycotting all russian goods and services from today, no one should be complicit in what is happening

greenwashing - when people tell you you can solve climate change by growing for a walk , going vegan, switching to LED bulbs or growing trees, the fact is none of that stuff dose shit, the problem is the carbon cycle and how we are breaking it by continually pumping new carbon into it from fossil fuels, the only thing that will ever make a twats worth of difference to that is not using fossil fuels and capturing carbon and burying it back underground , advocate for nuclear, get solar panels if you can , get an EV if you can and if you cant then try to run bio diesel, advocate for large flow batteries to replace substations for local energy storage , DO SHIT THAT WORKS

this proberbility is that in ukraine in the first month of war .. more than 40,000 are now dead, that is more than 1000 souls a day being lost to putins senseless violence

can we get some gay furryporns of putin and lukashenko as furry weasels in clown outfits in solidarity for UA ?

dayly reminder freedom from Ukraine and down with putins facist state

when discussions of the Ukraine war turn into a game of "im not a tankie but" / "im not a nazi but" eg "im not a nazi but putins involvement with the neonazi biker gang the night wolves is totally normal and illusions to a global satanic conspiracy are not antiemetic at all " or "im not a tankie but we should not be providing the Ukrainians with food or munitions or medicine incase theex kgb degenerate turns his tanks on us too ! capitulation is the only path to world peace !"

pluto was always a god damned planet and so are ceres and eris, the entire "demotion" is about some peaple not wanting to admit that they got it wrong and ceres annd eris are not infact asteroids and have placitisised into sphere with stable orbits around the sun, pluto ceres eris all clearly fucking planets

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