Harvested mango turmeric (aka mango ginger/மாங்கா மஞ்சள்/மா இஞ்சி) 😍

We love this taste in fresh chutney & curries. It brings a tonne of freshness to dishes along with a mango punch. I even had a piece raw, it tasted like raw mango.

It's a great feeling 💯

@suryaceg nice harvest! Wish I could grow ginger and turmeric here

Have you tried growing them indoors in a container? I have some ginger growing indoors and it seems to be doing alright although there's not much daylight during winter here in Finland.

@RuttokansanTuote My cats would probably eat them as they have my cactus, but I could look into that

@suryaceg Wow, those tubers look more like Oca than ginger, but I guess it's just called ginger but is a different species? Is it as strong in flavour?

@suryaceg this is like my favorite two things in earth combined and I did not know it even existed

@suryaceg wow this looks incredible, I haven't heard of it before! I was just given a bunch of tumeric (two different kinds) and some ginger that I am planning on planting this week

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