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Here mainly for

Here because the shitty bird app started blocking bold voices opposing the and his puppet show in India. This is also because its blatant discrimination towards Dalit & other rights activists.

Hope to see familiar faces here, one by one.

Cassava harvest in the garden with mom 💕

All the 10 plants have been harvested & shared in the neighborhood.

Quote with screenshot of CM space and cc persons next to you. 🍻


Quote with screenshot of CM space and cc persons next to u


Basically honey is their food & their bodies squeezed to a goo 😖


here is a picture of baby bees


the baddest crushes are the ones that happens with bestest friends 😖

can't chew or swallow either.

அத்தனையும் அன்னையின் அறுவடை 😍

Mom saw's logo on the poster today & asked dad, "is this gonna be released on Prime then?". He replied, "duh".

Then mom was, "let's not go to theatre then, let's watch it comfortably at home only" :)

It's home PS then haha.

After , dad, mom & I are watching's fiery speech for the night.

The woman acts as Kalaiyarasan's mother, is top notch! 🔥

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Watching with parents 🤩

Dad really likes it. Mom got bored of constant English dialogues & songs.

Kalaiyarasan is just wow! He's grown to be a seasoned actor! Great work thala 👏

Interesting experimental film ✨ thanks.

Phew, finally getting to this after 5 months! 😌

Coming soon on


2 photo stories in the making.

1. Maangulam Jain monument
2. Azhagar Koil - Chithirai Festival Scenes

I'm excited for both mainly for a chance to revisit aiyan 's writings.

Picture: Azhagar Koil hill range from Maangulam knoll 😁


The first batch of Chief Minister's Fellows.

Congratulations to all of them working for the development of our state 👏👏👏


பலரது சிந்தனைகள் - கனவுகளின் கூட்டுச் சேர்க்கையாக அரசு திகழ, இளைஞர்களது புதிய சிந்தனைகள் அரசுடன் கைகோக்க ஏற்படுத்தப்பட்டுள்ளது.

அரசு இயந்திரத்தில் இளைய ரத்தம் பாய்ச்சப்படுகிறது. புதுமையான தமிழகத்துக்கான பாதை வகுக்கப்படுகிறது.


A recent dreamscape recreated by's dall-e.

Pretty impressive stuff.

+1, my grandparents & my parents both are interested to watch it in theatres.

I guess they all watched Sooriya Vamsam in theatres last.


My parents' generation is fully enthused about THE movie. Many of them are planning to go to a movie theater, after a long time. Whoever thought that the 60+ audience will get enthused about the movie.


so many people around, why nobody's punching this guy every time he opens his mouth in favour of govt & against people, i wonder.

I watched Deadpool last night. I watched it thinking it was a spoof movie of superhero movies, but little did i know 🫤

இந்தியத் துணைக்கண்டப் பாகல் & சீனத்துப் பாகல் 🐊

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