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govt changed the base year when it came to power in 2014 to show higher GDP, and now again this fraud govt want to shift the base year as 2017 ( slump year after demonetization ) as the base year, so, they can show "fictitious" higher GDP and do the chest thumping.
Rogue government and crook BJP leaders.

GDP base year: New base year for GDP to be decided in a few months

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யாரிடத்தில் யாருக்கொரு காதல் வருமோ ?
பூமி எதிர்பார்த்து மழைத் தூறல் விழுமோ ?
காதல் வரக் கால்விரல்கள் கோலம் இடுமோ?
கை நகத்தைப் பல் கடிக்க ஆசை படுமோ ?

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As promised, code of conduct has been updated to add "casteism and advocation of casteism" to the list of explicitly prohibited offenses

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@stux Please don't apologize. The fact that this amazing space is an one man army is a big achievement by itself. Thank you for providing with this safe space :)

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A little reminder, I'm just one person who is working on this platform, I do not have a team or big resources.

I'm doing the best I can and I learn a lot along the way! 💪 I'm just a simple tech guy with a simple laptop trying to give you all a nice digital home 😉 We will get there but unfortunately I don't have the same resources as platforms like

I am very sorry for the lag and the somewhat longer waits, it will be fixed soon. Promise! ❤️

‪வலிமை உள்ளவன் வச்சது எல்லாம் சட்டம் ஆகாது தம்பி‬ பிறர் வாழ உழைப்பவர்‬
‪சட்டம் ஆகணும் தம்பி 😌‬

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Where are all the new users at? Don't forget to ask your friends :mastodon: :mastodance:

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Hello lovely new people on !

I get a lot requests for verification but I want to explain that we don't have such a thing like on .

The blue thicks you see in people's display names is just a custom emoji! :verified:

We are working on support for that way we can verify ourself and our accounts in a responsible way. I'll keep you informed on that!

For now if you want a :verified: icon in your display name just add the following without the spaces: : verified :

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What is your age?

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@suresh Thank you :) working hard to make things better here 💪

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And in the real world... a Ram Mandir loving Bhakt working in Cognizant will lose his or her job tomorrow :)

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தமிழ் பயபுள்ளைகளுக்கு ஒரு முக்கிய அறிவிப்பு. வந்த உடனே திக்குதிசை தெரியாம என்னமாதிரி கஷ்டபடுறவங்க மட்டும் கவனிக்கனும்.

👉 இந்த tag போடுங்க...கமெண்ட்லயும் போடலாம்!கூச்சபடாதிங்க..தனியா சுத்தமுடியல..

தேடி வந்து பாலோ பண்ணுறேன்.

முடிஞ்சா இத பூஸ்ட் பண்ணுங்க..அதாவது RT மாதிரி!

என்னத்த மாஸ்டாடோனோ!

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My next immediate bucket list is visiting taj mahal before they realize it was built on a temple...

Did you like the

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A majoritarian judgment for a majoritarian country. Nation? Constitution? What those?

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