When the Pegasus Project dropped last week, it was both an ordinary and exceptional moment. The report - from Amnesty, Citizenlab, Forbidden Stories, and 80 journalists in 10 countries - documented 50,000 uses of the NSO Group's Pegasus malware.


The 50,000 targets of NSO's cyberweapon include politicians, activists and journalists. The Israeli arms-dealer - controlled by Novalpina Capital and Francisco Partners - has gone in to full spin mode.


When companies are forced to interoperate, their "network effect" advantages can be obliterated, by lowering switching costs.


Interop is a great solution to Type I problems, problems caused by a lack of competition. But it's a *terrible* solution to Type II problems. If a monopolist got away with doing something horrible and abusive, we shouldn't fix that by improving competition.


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For a Markup feature, Leon Yin and Aaron Sankin compiled a list of "social and racial justice terms" with help from Color of Change, Media Justice, Mijente and Muslim Advocates, then checked if YouTube would let them target those terms for ads.



Amazon driver quits, saying the final straw was the company's new AI-powered truck cameras that can sense when workers yawn or don't use a seatbelt - yahoo.com/news/amazon-driver-q

So-called "consent searches" by police of our phones invade our digital privacy, disparately burden people of color, undermine judicial supervision of police searches, and rest on a pure legal fiction. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/01/so-c

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Late last year, Apple enforced App Store 'privacy labels'. For the first time, it's easy to compare how much data an app links to your account

Looking at messaging apps, the contrast is quite stark

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The EU Commission just dropped the Digital Markets Act proposal, the first major update to EU Internet regulation of the 21st century. It's...pretty good, actually, though there's room for improvement. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/12/eus- #DMA

Stand with Dr. Timnit Gebru!

Please consider signing. She may not always be the easiest person to work with, but the specific case is outrageous, and the process of resignation is disrespectful.


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