Let's create a thread!

Please share your Keybase username if you like to connect 😉

I am "mstdn" on Keybase

I’m so happy! I just got my free Lumens (XLM) AirDrop on !

This free $46 dollars goes into the community ofcourse♥️

If you like you can also donate Lumens XLM for mstdn.social on the following addresses 😉


Did you know that you can also get free Lumens (XLM) in free crypto currency with ?

It's a great way to support the mstdn.social server 🙂 Since you are already using Keybase for verification you can always signup for the free airdrop!

This is our ID:


With this issue on we sorted out some issues, now the developers can start improving the amazing service even more! 💪

@keybase @mlsteele

Okay so the "AUTHORIZED_FETCH" broke

You should be able to verify again, I'm sorry for this..!

Chatting with support. Trying to fix things 💪

How about this..

I create a shared folder on the group for Mstdn.social and everyone can upload their custom emoji there..

Everyday I will add a few out of this folder! How does that sound? 😉 I can’t make a promise that I’m going too add them all but as many as I can!


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If you are not on yet for accounts verifications you can signup here!


We have some good news for mstdn.social users! 😄

I just got message that we are added to the database, you can verify yourself now!

No Keybase yet? See keybase.io

Hello lovely new people on !

I get a lot requests for verification but I want to explain that we don't have such a thing like on .

The blue thicks you see in people's display names is just a custom emoji! :verified:

We are working on support for that way we can verify ourself and our accounts in a responsible way. I'll keep you informed on that!

For now if you want a :verified: icon in your display name just add the following without the spaces: : verified :


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