Why Change Is so Hard - and How to Fix It

If you are like most people, there is a gap between the person you are and the person you wish to be. There are little things you think you should do and big things you ought to achieve.

From working out regularly, eating healthy, learning a language, working on your novel, reading more or simply actually doing your hobby instead of browsing reddit.

But it can seem that to achieve your goals, you have to become a different person. Someone who is consistent, puts in more effort, has discipline and willpower. Maybe you have tried your hardest to be like that. And it worked! For a while. Until you find yourself slipping back into your old ways. In the end, you always seem to fail. And with every failed attempt, you become more and more frustrated and annoyed with yourself.


The Extreme Physics Pushing Moore’s Law to the Next Level

An integrated circuit, or chip, is one of the biggest innovations of the 20th century. The microchip launched a technological revolution, created Silicon Valley, and everyone’s got one in their pocket (read: smartphones).

When you zoom in on one of these chips, you find a highly complex, nanoscale-sized city that’s expertly designed to send information back and forth.

And chip manufacturers continue to shrink the size of microchips, hitting smaller and smaller milestones while also increasing the number of features a chip has. The result is an improved overall processing power.

This is what’s been driving the semiconductor industry—a drumbeat called Moore’s Law.




Why is this 2,500 year old shipwreck so well-preserved?

Discover the unique conditions that make the Black Sea host to dozens of shipwrecks that date back thousands of years.

In 2017, researchers off the Bulgarian coast discovered the oldest intact shipwreck ever found. This ancient Greek vessel was not only nearly 2,500 years old, but was just one of 65 shipwrecks found at the bottom of the Black Sea in remarkable condition. So, why does the Black Sea contain so many well-preserved shipwrecks? Helen Farr and Jon Adams dive into the depths of the unique body of water.

Lesson by Helen Farr and Jon Adams, directed by Yuriy Polyashko, Darvideo Animation Studio.


The Trains that Subsidize Suburbia - GO Transit Commuter Rail

Commuter rail is a rail system designed to bring people from the suburbs into a central business district for work. But is it really an efficient transit system, or just another subsidy provided to car-dependent suburbanites? This video explores commuter rail in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the train system known as "GO Transit."



Your DNA is in a database 

Your genetic code is probably already in a database, without you ever giving a sample or permission.



Why Are Scorpions Fluorescent?🦂

Under UV light, almost all species of scorpions glow a bright green color, but why?



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