Okay anddd done! Turned in business plan for :stuxhost: ♥️

- The Best Shared Webhosting

DirectAdmin Control Panel
Free Let's Encrypt SSL
Perfect for WordPress
40+ One-Click Install Apps
99.9% Uptime Fast & Secure
♾️ Bandwidth
♾️ Emails Accounts
♾️ FTP Accounts
♾️ Sub-domains
♾️ MySQL Databases


You can now manage your shared webhosting completely from the client area on stuxhost.com 💪

How cool is that

Yay! After some hard work I tried out DirectAdmin Extended for WHMCS instead of the WordPress manager! :blobcheerwitch: It's AWESOME!

Clients can now manage their shared hosting completely from 💪

7 days to get 120 dollar for the module.. 🤔


Nice, just got a free .host domain because I use WHMCS🎉 Got stux.host for Cloud services or something I guess :stuxhost:

is not meant to be the cheapest hosting there is :cat_hug_triangle: The idea is you pay a little more per month but you’ll get full support included♥️

It’s not about quantity but quality in this case! If you’re looking for something cheaper I have some recommendations :stuxhost:

Honestly is key, never ever fool your clients 🔒 :blobcathearts:

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The perfect web solution for basic websites and small webshops! :stuxhost:

With Shared Hosting on you also get access to the DirectAdmin panel and Softaculous with over 40+ one-click install apps for your website!

Our packages are available here: stuxhost.com/store/shared-webh

And you can see a demo for the one-click apps here!


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