I just signed the official annexation of by the

Also noticed Putler tried to do that with the stolen parts of 😠 He's such a noob.. So my first official act will be giving back the stolen land to Ukraine ofc and put Putler in the putler bin :vibingcat:

You see Putler? Everyone can do this shit and it doesn't mean a thing

I just counted the votes for annexing to the and it's super clear!

99,99991% of ALL Russians voted to join the Nehterlands! :clapping:​🇳🇱

Ofc everyone expected this!

Later this week we will officially add former Russia to the Netherlands.

It will be called 'East-Crap-Netherlands' 🇷🇺


Today is so called 'prinsjesdag' in the meaning our so called 'king' is reading the plans of the gov for the next year, finance etc.

Instead of taking inmediate action against the super duper high energy prices they wait until today to 'announce' the max energery price that will start in freaking Januari..

I know it's basically 'heaven' here and we don't have much to complain but when they ruin you they do it with a death blow. No half jobs there...

Feeling so damn powerless and the realitity makes me cry

Such a world of difference holy shit! :amaze:

Here in the , people driving a are almost afraid of people on a

If you want or need to drive a car you also need to bare the responsibility of such a monster vehicle

Often you see people hate on cyclists from a car perspective. Well I can telly ou one thing, if you do that here you are f*cked and in the wrong country

Don't fuck with bikes

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Energy prices have risen with 500% but still you get smacked to death with soo much lottery advertisements on TV, YouTube etc..

While in the there's only one company who can have lotteries and gambling shit and they are called the Dutch government.

What a shit show sometimes, really.. 🇳🇱

Cybercharlatan Rian van Rijbroek blogger op Unhacked.nl

Cybercharlatan Rian van Rijbroek, de veelbesproken vriendin van zakenman Gerard Sanderink, schrijft op Unhacked.nl blogs en profileert zichzelf er zowaar als... cyberdeskundige.


Podcast: open.spotify.com/show/6gRd8BMv

Holy shit..


Trump supports the farmers in the :blobcatscared:

Even that 'guy'..

Really, half the country HATES me for being against the farmers lol

Those stupid farmers are just blocking everything what they like here in the it's freaking insane..

They really grow such a big hate against themselfs wow..

What a shameful day of protesting from farmers again yesterday in the

They're getting more and more aggresive, trying to blame everything and everyone and fucking the planet where they stand wtf..

I am sooo against those damn farmers who are so clueless about their protest yikes

It's 2022, maybe time for a change in jobs lol

In Ukraine tracktors are a big help. Here in the they are used by sad farmers who are blocking roads..

The half the those people don't even know why they are there trolol..

Trolololol! Just saw an ad :ad: about another new politic party in the :flan_laugh:

Again only old-white people who are so akward on tv.. Like we don't have enough choice already tihi :flan_laugh:

There's only 1 party..

THE PIRATE PARTY! :blobpirate: :pirate:

Show me that you’re in the without showing me that you’re in the Netherlands 🚲️

:blobcatgiggle: Cycling isn't a sport, it's a way of transportation lol!

There's just cycling and there's 'cycling'. It's just the few a-holes with their "professional" bikes who always ride on the road and act like kings who ruin it for the rest..

Trust me, here in the we also kinda hate those dicks! 🇳🇱

AOOWH! 😻 "Jan De Hoop" a news ancor in the has done his last episode. He worked from 1989 till juni 2022 for the news!

He's such a good man ❤️

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