The is a good country to be born I guess, the average living quality is very high but it's soooo borning here..

A day or a year could have passed without noticing anything, the weather is almost the same grey every single day, I wanna get out. For 10 years already, take the knowledge I learned here and move to a place I can make a difference. Oh and with much hotter weather since I know I am much happier in summer so why not all year! I hate winder depression

There's just one explanation..

People from the are all waterbenders.

Btw, tullips are grown particularly grown in the south west of the

In the north or east there's almost no flowers anywhere lol!x

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In the there's a crash barrier on the center for both ways on almost every highway!

Often also on the external side 🤔

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I've been here a while ago! Kinda a niceish city

Rotterdam: the City Rebuilt for

is a very different from any other in the . After being nearly flattened in 1940, the city underwent a major transformation in the 1950s and 1960s to become a "modern" city, designed with cars in mind. This video explores what Rotterdam is like today, and what the city is doing to undo some of the damage caused by decades of car-centric policy.

omfg we are laughing so hard.. :bloblaugh:

If this where to happen in the 1 or maybe 2 times we would lower the road or uppen the bridge :flan_laugh:

Now wait for a thousand accidents and i dunno how many videos

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Often when I'm on my bike I think: "Hm, I should film this. Proof that I'm faster on my bike than most cars around me at that moment" but since a year or two it's "illegal" to have a phone in your hand on a bike in the

The fine is €90 or so haha! And I don't have a GoPro :thinktink: Maybe I should create a front pocket with a little plastic view or something 🚲

Oh yes! I like very much :blobcatgiggle:

Does this also apply for the ? :flan_laugh:

Do Your Buses Get Stuck in Traffic? Traffic solutions & the Downs-Thomson Paradox

Do your get stuck in ? It's amazing what a difference it makes to life the city when is treated as a first-class alternative to driving, as it is in , and many other cities in the .

In the it's the pedestrians responsibility not to get hit by a car. In the we do it the other way around! If you drive a car you have responsibilities, can't handle that? Don't drive😄

So from Sunday there will be a curvew in the Netherlands.. Stores need to close at 17:00 and 1.5m will be back

But also Japan and the US :catblush:

My dream was always moving to the US, to Florida or California but I'm not sure that's the place for me :blobcatgiggle:

Although if it comes to scenery, everything is better than the . Don't get me wrong, we have thing pretty good figured out but it's boring

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Why the is the Best Country for

The Netherlands is famous for bicycles, and putting walking, cycling, and public transit ahead of cars. Yet paradoxically, it's the best place in the world to be a driver.

This video explores why it's so great to drive in the Netherlands.




The deals with as an health issue, rather than a criminal offense.

They warn festival goers when a bad pill is in circulation for instance or in this case, white heroine sold as cocaine both for locals and tourists.

If I where to ask this in the people would look at me weird like: "duh, ofc.." 🇳🇱


Do you have/own/use a ? 🚲

This spotted in The using slipstreams to race cars on the highway at 100 km/h

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