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@Gargron Hi there Eugen! :nkoWave: Is this a known bug in for iOS app?

It happen soooo often when I upload media, add text but cannot ‘publish’.. mostly removing and re-adding media works but not always. It’s very annoying…

Just got another reply from our government on getting them on !

It seems their software "" doesn't support Masto.. :blobderp:

So.. I'm gonna send mail to obi4wan to suggest the intergration

English: "That is certainly an interesting suggestion. It seems that our webcare platform does not support Mastodon at the moment, but perhaps that will in the future. Anyway, thanks for bringing this to your attention! CL"

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Okay, okay :clapping:

I just got a reply from our government on on my question about their instance!


"Good morning, thank you for contacting us. Is Mastodon a social media channel? SH"

Ohh btw! Since we have more easily "rules" on now. I still have our former Code of Conduct in the terms page!

It's also linked from the about page for more in-detail:

Feel free to copy, I also did from Eugen :catblush:​❤️

has a puuurfect way to "verify" your alt accounts, but also Pixelfed or your own website for example!

You can find this on your profile settings.

For those who missed it last night, yesterday evening I've setup an extra little instance :blobfoxcofe:

It's so sm0ll it only costs me ~4 euros per month so yay! Also I made preps for scaling so it can stand some traffic and unlimited media upload!

I think it's a good idea to keep it English only maybe.. i would love some input :coffeepot:

I've just been a little "naughty" :blobcatgiggle:​ Think it costs me just ~30 min.. but i've setup a little extra instance including ElasticSearch, PgBouncer, and Wasabi!

The theme is uh.. well, very simple! COFE :blobcatcofesip:

Gotta fix the rules, and CoC still but im gonna work on that now :blobcatgiggle:​ It will be English only I think.. :thinktink:

About searching on :mastodon:

You can search for other users in 3 ways:
By the 'short' handle:

By the 'full' handle:

Or with the 'public' profile URL:

Searching for posts

You can search for posts in 2 ways:

On hashtags, for example:

Or on the 'full post URL!' (click on a post timestamp for the public URL, or 3 little dots => 'Copy lint to post').
This applies for both 'remote' and 'local' posts. (on your instance and others)

Not sure what other way to ask so.. I've asked our Minister on why the government of the doesn't have a instance...

We need one also! 🇳🇱

Hi Mark! Thanks for all your hard work in politics!

A question.. Why does the Dutch government not have a server? Even the German Bond & EU Commission have one..

We can't stay behind!"

Welcome to and the !

We don't do advertisements, no NFT bs, no user tracking, no verification through sensitive PERSONAL information, no bullying, no paying money for extra services!

What do we do you may ask?

Simple! We do provide a safe, secure online environment where you can meet your friends, new people, have amazing discussions and share your interests, arts, photos, videos & more!

We just want to combine the best of both worlds, to create something we can all be proud of!

Remember, admins are nothing without the users :blobcathearts: These communnities are all of ours!

EDPS launches pilot phase of two social media platforms

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) launches today the public pilot phase of two social media platforms: EU Voice and EU Video.

EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies (EUIs) participating in the pilot phase of these platforms will be able to interact with the public by sharing short texts, images and videos on EU Voice; and by sharing, uploading, commenting videos and podcasts on EU Video.

Haha wow! It seems you people got your way! The ‘community’ timeline is now available in the official app, at least for iOS!

Oh btw! Don't let the title and thumbnail fool you!

This video is mostly about the Twitter alternative: !

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Another awesome feature we have in is automatic post deletion!

No more 3rd party tools needed like on the birbsite!

For users of you can find this under settings:

Thanks for the post inspiration to
@obsolete29 @neil

For other server admins out there: It goes without saying ofc but if you have any questions regarding scaling I have some options and tips ❤️

I can't help with all since I'm also learning as we go :blobcatgiggle:​ But together we're always stronger 💪

A common issue for instances is a backlogged sidekiq queue. This is easily to fix by splitting up Sidekiq service files, you can see the files we use here:

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Another way you can thank us for hosting servers and such is by leaving a simple rating on the apps for in the App- and Play Store :blobcathearts:

We really hope to beat , at least I do.. :catblush:

Who's with me?! :blobcheerwitch:

:apple_inc:​ Apple App Store:

:android:​ Google Play Store:

And all other apps!

Some people ask about how to get "verified" on but...

We do NOT have such a thing! Mastodon and the Fediverse is mainly about a social experience with a good privacy system. This includes to keep as less (sensitive) data as we can on every one of you!

We are no Twitter, we do not want personal documents or data! Everyone on Mastodon is the same "rank". There are many other ways people can prove who they are by posting from their Twitter for example! :blobcatgiggle:

Please, do not send any personal data to us, we will delete this right away. Privacy first! 🔒

If you do want a verified icon, you can simply add a custom emoji in your display name with a shortcode :verified::unverified:

No matter if you're king or a garbageman we deem you all important :cat_hug_triangle:

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