After a baddd nights sleep I expect it’s gonna get better now♥️👌🏻 Good night :mastodon: and :fediverse: see you all tomorrow :blobcathearts: :stux: :blobcathug:

I get that some people think there's a certain "responsibility" with Eugen since he is the main developer and decides a lot for us


Again, is open source and YOU can make your own copy or so called "fork". Stop complaining and start learning how to improve YOUR version of Mastodon..

If you want new things or changes be KIND about it, I totally get when Eugen says no after a shitload of complaints.

C'mon people, respect the guy for his work..

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There are a lot of people 'complaining' about the new app🤔

But many seem to forget something: You get a FREE open source application that works just fine without ANY data collection. If you don't like it there are 4 more apps you can use that do include the local and federated timeline.

If you are using Mastodon you are using a FREE open source platform that is mainly developed by Eugen, don't forget about all time and effort he put in so we can toot :thinktink:

I wonder why images are not displayed in full-width within the new app :blobthinkingsmirk:

🤔 Did the new app just made a DM reply public on reply..?

Can someone send me a DM for test?

It’s time for bed!♥️😸 Good night 💤 :mastodon: and :fediverse: :blobcathearts: :blobcathug: :blobcathearts:

Since the latest update it's not mandatory for new accounts to "auto follow" specified accounts and I totally get this but...

For us as a moderator team it's only getting more and more difficult to track down spam & bot accounts since we now have to browse through the mod panel for this instead of just "checking" new accounts🤔

The spambot beacon on the signup page does not seem to work like at all, how can we prevent more spam accounts without closing down signups :thinktink:

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