Russia, the country where they fantasize about nuking world leaders while the funeral of the queen is going on :mortyderp:​ On Russian state tv

Maybe 'lizard people' are real after all 🇷🇺

@stux It is hard to believe that people who lived their whole life during the cold war might end up as a generation that lived in the most peaceful period..

@peterk Indeed, indeed 😮 I really hoped we would have outgrown such behaviour on a global level by now but unfort :sad_dog:

@theavidhorizon @stux they're pissed that despite the fact that they won the WWII, they still edned up being losers (economically, technologically, ...). A lot of russian people think that they are the greatest nation, just everyone is against them and envy them. And with all those natural resources, they could have been super rich. However, they can not rule themselves and always select some nutbag as their leader.

@peterk @stux They didn't win anything at all. They became the people they fought against. I appreciate your take on the issue as I agree for the most part.

@theavidhorizon @stux officially, they were winners.. officially, even France was a winner of WWII.. so that is a base I am building on 🙂

@peterk @stux I say again. Russia didn't win anything if they became the nazis they fought against... which they did.

@theavidhorizon @stux yes, but I am only talking in the 1945 perspective in my post.

@peterk @stux Why can't they just go back to killing brown people like they used to? I doubt people in Southeast Asia or Latin America would agree with you. i wish lizard people where real, shit i bet they'd at least have double the brain power then most politicians.

also with lizard people there is a slight possibility that mutations might occur that would lead to dragons or at the very least kobold.

CW for geo-pol, simplistic views of Nato-RU proxy war 

the risk of WW3 is very concerning, and I think we're gonna have a new cuban-missile-crisis until both sides agree on a new security architecture.
Dismissing Russia's security concerns, and its tit-for-tat Escalation contingencies as a fantasy might play well in the west, but it's better to be analytical.
Exactly like the Cuban Missile Crisis that I lived through, there is a bigger strategy on both sides, that's not in the western press.

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