@stux I can't understand how/why they even ended up there in the first place (there's plenty of room down below to park rather than attempt driving up that sketchy bit) - fair play to the driver of the blue car for stopping and checking that they managed to get out of that situation safely...

@stux We see such things on our small single-track roads here in the Highlands. Some people just can't reverse, and the results are often just as dangerous.

@stux Can't reverse? This is how it's done. Here's my wife's driving to resolve a situation on one of our single track roads. The video is real-time, though her reversing skill makes it look speeded up!
(problem caused by the camper van stopping the wrong side of a passing place. An easy and forgivable mistake if you are not used to driving on the left)

That driver who waits it out knows what can happen.

I was reminded of this too narrow space though. youtu.be/IGiQOCX9UbM
Me, I'd probably try the slowly reversing downhill variant to get out of that situation. The very attempt at turning there makes me think of an unwanted Darwin Award competition!
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