In Japan, traffic stops for schoolgirl. Schoolgirl thanks traffic as only the Japanese can..

@fabiscafe @stux is it the traffic stopped she is thanking, or thanking those who thoughtfully and selflessly made the crosswalk for her? I've seen monks thank the stairs after each use...

@teledyn @fabiscafe @stux Definitely the drivers who stopped for her. Exaggerating a bit, her selfishness of wanting to cross the road disturbed the driving of the drivers, thus the bow is a thank-you-apology. It's a sign of proper bring-up in Japan, for children to bow even for the smallest of favors. Though it's a lot more common for people to bow while crossing the road, then doing such a fancy full bowing afterwards.

It's cute, though 🙂

@stux So sweet!
In Japan it's not about "me first!", it's all about the community 👍

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