Just added replies to posts on ! :goldfish: :blobcheerwitch:

Repo is also updated:

As is the platform:

For now many things require an account. I'll fix that later!

Just filled out details for sponsoring yay!

Hopfully it will get approved! Would be cool if that would be enough at some point to full-time dev the thing. Like now but without cash issues derp

@stux I was hunting this info on the site itself, but found it on git about page.

"Meow there! Welcome to the Goldfish Social repo, this project is intended as a free open source alternative to (former) Vine and (currently) TikTok. The project has just started and is in very early stages. We started out with something different but after some great advice restarted the project in SPA form(Single Page Application). We are using the following stacks:...."

I would humbly suggest there is room for About Goldfish link in the hamburger menu that is not behind a login gate? Need a place to link the source anyway.

Looking good tho, coming right along!

@mrcopilot Haha good catch! ❤️

I just redid the auth pages and tomorrow im gonna add the privacy, terms and about on FE indeed :cat_hug_triangle:

@stux @mrcopilot large text is missing a d for goldfish but golfish works too.

Can't wait for this to dethrone TikTok!

@theavidhorizon @stux

short form content about mini-golf, that is golfish isn't it?

@mrcopilot @stux no no no, it's a soccer playing goldfish scoring a gol. Gol-fish. LOL

@stux @theavidhorizon

Account Creation ☑️

Profile update ☑️

Email Validation ☑️

Frist Post ☑️

Follow @stux ☑️

Comment own ☑️

cruising right along. :thumbsup_hmn_h2:

@stux @theavidhorizon

Answered comment ☑️

Checked followers ☑️

Read updated about ☑️

Privacy and T&C ☑️

Still Clean & Clear ✅

Goldfish is Canadian. 🇨🇦

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