@stux We need ironclad right to repair laws everywhere. So much tech goes in a landfill because of nonsense like this that could have lived on for years.

Even mobile phones, how many people would just keep using the one they have if they could simply put in a new battery when the old one is no good anymore?

Of course, corporations love their profit margins, environment be damned despite their PR department constantly claiming they care deeply about said environment.

@stux we need to move from owning stuff to leasing stuff. When Apple stays the owner they have a hell of an incentive to keep you paying for the same device for years.

@remcoboerma what kind of restrictions what you are allowed to do on/with your device the companies will come up with once you just lease the device?

@tommy good point, probably even less than now, only this time it's in your possession and you still can't do bananas about it. So hardly any difference there. But you've got a point.

@tommy @remcoboerma
Just to mention: companies leasing the device do not have to be same company building the device!

I'm looking forward to a Louis Rossmann laptop flatrate. Lois is making the choice of a long living and repairing device and since he is a big customer, he is in direct contact with multiple device makers to move them into this direction.

BUT law has to prevent, that device making companies prevent such renting companies! (which of course do not want or at least under their control)

@aligyie @tommy that's great to hear, but that doesn't change the producers incentive to build a lasting product. They will try to persuade customers with newer models with more Shiney™ because the money comes when someone (intermediate or not) buys it from them. Which device doesn't have a killswitch or deteriorates from digital rot, while it could easily last a decade more. If producers would still gain revenue they would have that incentive.

@aligyie @tommy on the other hand, it's also with noting that certain boolpublishers try to gain revenue from second hand sales using NFTs. Since that's an unmainted knowledge product I don't think that fits, although if prices would greatly drop and every second hand sale is even lower, it might be a economical opportunity.... But I'm dreaming of course...

@aligyie @tommy btw I'm really interested in a link to those laptops and such, please do share!

@remcoboerma @tommy I would be interested as well :D

If I stumble upon something, then I will add it here:
So give it a bookmark and keep an eye on it ;)

@aligyie now this would be worth a dedicated account/atom feed!

@remcoboerma @stux this post is glowing so bright it's triggering my photophobia
Yup, we do.

Good thing that companies like Fairphone exist, let's hope this is going to be trending.

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