@stux icing on the cake is you could say "I was selected for an internship at XYZ Corp. ahead of a field of n candidates" when going for real jobs!

@stux icing on the cake would be the unpaid internship company complains to the paid company about it

@stux Think twice before doing this. It might make it harder to get a job with that company later on. Or a recruiter you've snubbed may move to a company you *do* want to work for, and may decide not to waste time on you again. Remember, a company is just a body of people, most of whom bear you no ill-will and are just trying to do their jobs.

(Obviously, this excludes anyone who works in tobacco, in the arms trade, or for Facebook. They know exactly what they're doing.)

@markusl @stux At the end of the day, giving the finger to normal capitalist companies without getting potentially hurt is only something you can afford if your living necessities are guarenteed somehow.

@otyugh @stux Another way of spelling "normal capitalist companies" is "groups of people working together in a difficult economy to pay their rent and put bread on the table". I don't know why you'd jeopardise that, just as a symbol of resistance to a fat cat who may not exist and will definitely never know that *you* exist.

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