People who are proudly using and disregard all privacy issues as ‘that’s normal’ as really just people who don’t have the slightest clue about how software works.

Parents who give their child a phone or tablet with such apps are even worse.

It’s very sad to see how easily people give up all their data and privacy for some entertainment wow.

TikTok is toxic shit and I’m not talking about the community alone.

Governments shouldn’t be on there at all! It’s bad enough they use money makers like Facebook and Twitter already while forcing people to join such platforms or otherwise they miss out on stuff.

Somehow they do seems to be able to invest millions to spy on people (pay for spy software) but they cannot setup a simple newsplatform or social whatever, isn’t that a bit weird.

@stux good luck escaping Google Facebook Twitter TikTok Instagram Microsoft Amazon ECT. In this world when ur forced to use them at work school university.

Want games? Steam Origin Epic Games ECT.

Office package? Microsoft

Photo and video editing? Usually Adobe

Search engine with best results? Google usually

Android device? Useless without play services and Google account

Movies and series? Google Amazon Netflix Disney+ ECT.

@Mixtape @stux

Want games? See Moves/Series below.

Office package? Libreoffice (free)

Photo and video editing? GIMP/Krita/Blender (Free)

Search engine with best results? -What are you Searching for?- Metager/marginalia
(if the search is manipulated through targeted ads, you will not be getting the best results, you get what has the most money.)

Android device? F-Droid (why not create demand for other OS's on devices)

Movies and series? Honestly who cares about this, most of this is crap or/and normalizes our current explorative society, go out to your local social centre/community group or pub, cafe, read books, be involved. Regarding games, there is a big game going on in the world you live in, and if you are not involved you are being screwed.

As a final note:
If you resign your agency you will end up living in fascism, and not only that you will enable a fascist society for everyone else, 'you cannot be neutral on a moving train.'

There are possibilities.
Indie Games
Libre Office

Ist's Not Always as easy but usable
Ah, there are some at least.
German Government...Presscorps, BSI..
@stux Лайно лайном,але тещо важливе я використовую там де відкрите по.
Тому наслідки розумію.

@stux not just that but social media in general that kids should not be using it user.

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