Please think about supporting me in the bills for and other free Fedi services :blobcathearts:

Also, I'm currently learning / coding hard to create a free open source alternative for TikTok/Vine called Goldfish!

Supported or not, I'm gonna continue that awesome project but it most certainly would help a lot!

@stux I am not trying to be rude, but isn't cancer bad, even if it's free as in free speech?

TikTok and all clones are just bad for the society imho. Young people are getting manipulated by short videos, which leads to plastic surgery, eating disorder, addictions and much more.

I really wish you the best for your projects, but isn't the time and energy better invested in sustainable projects?

@utopify_org And thats indeed just the point! ❤️

I want a better alternative for that without the health issues, or at least take a very close look at that!

Young people do seems to want a platform for short videos and i rather build one myself with some control about those health aspects than using TikTok 😉

Peronally I just HATE the TikTok since it's only theere for profit like many others :(

You're absolutly right on this one, it's a health issue for sure but this is my way to combat it :cat_hug_triangle:

for exmaple, when i tell people how bad something is, I do want to be able to offer an alternative

@stux Interesting! I think if it's managed like #fediverse apps with instances having different topics and those instances are managed by beneficial charities, which are banning bad servers, giving young people a save space, this could work pretty well. But it would have the same disadvantage: Bad bubbles

I wish you good luck :)

@utopify_org thats the idea indeed❤️ it's open source like Masto and pixelfed etc!

Eventuelly im gonna add Federation as well 💪

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