@stux I want one of those tree planting tool things, it looks so useful

@krutor oh that’s a shovel? Wow that’s a nice shovel! all the ones I have are either short handled or long but with a huge spade end

@alice_swaggen Ok, to be fair it seems like a little special shovel, maybe mixed with a spade or shovel with a long grip. Not as dynamic as the person in the video but also a plant hoe could work, I used them years ago when i worked as a gardener. If the soil is soft enought planting fast is possible. As far as i know there can be other problems like the small plants could get eaten by animals or the could dry, because without other plants which give shadow the ground could get try quick (also depending on region and soil).
Ok, i wrote so much, maybe too much, than sorry folks for that ex-garnder-plaining toot ;D

@krutor haha at first I wasn’t seeing it properly and I thought it was like a tapered spike, but yeah I did think that too, I’m sure if the soil is hard it won’t be so easy. I do think it would be a good tool though being able to press straight down with that long grippy handle.

A internet search says that this is some kind of "Trunk Buddy", aha never heared of it ^^'
like that: www.completeoutdoors.co.nz/tru…


...first I thought about a comment on our dystopian future....then it hit me: its already showing our dystopian present.🥴

Fun fact: tree planting charities prefer volunteers since they do it better than paid planters who get paid by volume. This way they get higher survival rates. (Well, I generalize. I know *one* charity who does this)

Fun fact 2: I almost hit send when fact 1 still had the typo "get laid by volume". Phew, close.

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