Glitch-soc is cool and all but recently they drop soo many upstream features just because ‘they don’t feel like it’ like wtf.

I chose Glitch for the extra additions but if it goes on this way we switch back to vanilla. What’s the point of Glitch lol.

Glitch doesn’t have/want:

- Explore feature
- Following hashtags

Those are kinda very important features for me. Much more than Markdown or drawing for example

The main reason we switched over at the time was the increased character count and bigger (local & remote) emoji but the last one has also been edited on vanilla so yeah

They dropped following # ? That honestly sucks. Its a very important feature for new users imho

I wonder if its time to make a fork of a fork.

@stux I never was a friend of glitch :blobcatdevil: Markdown was cool and all but without preview-support often just pain.

@stux I still haven't looked into it much but maybe fedibird might be better?

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