Does anyone know any nice CSS framework?

Bootstrap is getting a bit old :blobcatgiggle:

@stux @EpicKitty I use Tailwind too! It's not quite like other frameworks though: more like "providing you the building blocks to quickly work *without* a framework/build your own framework".

I like it because I can use my own styles without having to jump through hoops when I get to the edge of what's possible with frameworks. You do have to put in more initial work to get going though.

Haha, I'm 100% sure I can't help here, but will happily pass on the question :ablobcatwink:

@stux Not sure. Mostly because I just use no framework w/ the Stylus preprocessor and make things from scratch, lol

@stux I guess with latest #bootstrap you can do all you need

@stux Tailwind CSS! it's recommended by as a framework that works well with the CUBE CSS methodology. i can personally recommend Tachyons as well

@stux Not sure how popular this still is, Bulma ( is a javascript-less CSS framework. Wish I'd seen this earlier.

I don't think it counts as a framework, but I absolutely love the flexible

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