And the awesomest useless design award goes to..

@stux Yea that's absurdly ridiculous. Though deep down I want one. LOL

@phillycodehound @stux

It's really cool how, the inventor clearly didn't think it was a useful idea in any way, but they still thought it was worth making it happen 👍


That must be a metaphor for something... 🤔

@stux I can't stop watching the two half wheels. This thing could cause traffic accidents by just being out in public.

@stux wow that's cool! It means the back wheel only touches half the ground, since the top and bottom sides both touch the same spot

I wonder what happens if he goes up a small step, instead of down?

I wonder if there is any actual advantage to this?

@bohwaz @stux 😯 😂

Is there somewhere a video how this "spring-thing" drives ... ? 🤔

@Bruzel_Backe @stux Sorry I don't have a video, this is the kids spring bike, we also have an adult spring bike. It is a bit difficult to ride at first but still usable :) We have plenty of other funny bikes:

@stux This is the nerdiest thing I've seen for the last few months, and I love it.

@stux i wanna see it go tight turns!
sure annoying as hell when the pivot point changes every half rotation of the wheel. 🤓
cc @pixelcode

@stux all fun & games until you hit a pothole, which you have a 50% chance of missing it entirely, and a 50% chance you total the bike

@stux That bike doesn't just have a rear wheel. It has a rear whe- and a rear -el.

@stux 😂​ That is so silly :) Imagine what would happen if, at sped, the chain on the back wheel slipped and put the wheels "out of sync" - Still I am glad they built it just for fun!

@stux Scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should

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