@stux lookit that elevator givin' the side-eye to the silo

What are you hiding in there silo? is that grain or a Weapon of Mass Destruction? :blobglare:

@stux “Grain elevator sees the people that arrived later at the restaurant got their food before him”

@0xd9a @stux 籍又能为青白眼,见凡俗之士,以白眼对之。

@0xd9a @stux In ancient China, during the Jin Dynasty, there were a group of celibrities.
One of them, named Ruan Ji (AD 210~263). Ruan was very frank and natural (almost arragant).
His famous gesture was to show white eyes to the ones that he disliked or dispised. People regarded him a man of authentic and bravery, without any hypocrisy.

The windows in the picture just like the eyes of Ruan Ji, showing its white eyes to the dull, pathetic world.

@Sh4d0w_H34rt @stux

If my brethren were branded "Amazon" and turned into shipping slaves I'd be plotting too!

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