I wonder if there's a place on the internet where are more worshipped than on the :cat_typing: :acat:

@catswhocode @stux

Well if y'all have any valid things to host, that's more than a "hello world", then I'd totally recommend signing up xD.

Bryan's recently introduced EU based shared hosting too. Though not yet VPS which are LA/LV/Salt Lake District based.

Free shared hosting is directadmin based as far as I remember that it is now since cPanel's shitty licensing change a while back. Paid shared hosting is cPanel based though, unless someone does want to use directadmin.

@jase I have a blog that's currently not self-hosted! do you think it'd be good for that? @stux

@catswhocode @stux Definitely. Nothing to lose from trying it out 😊

Just p.s, sometimes Bryan loses track a bit with applications, if he still hasn't gotten to is after 48hrs, then put a note in the relevant questions forum.

Make sure you don't use any proxy or VPN though during the application, as that will be a denied application otherwise. Though Bryan isn't bothered beyond that whether one uses such to login, it's just simply for the application.

And you may see wow that's a tonne of countries that he doesn't allow. If you're someone respectful, that respectfully asks, doesn't try to hide the fact by a VPN, Bryan is known to give exemptions, which is the case with some of the notable members.

Though also, I'm sure an exemption would also be given if the same is done if one is in a country that not using a VPN isn't a good idea, so again, simply asking is a good way to make Bryan know you can be trusted.

@jase I'll try it out, thanks! I do use Riseup VPN sometimes so I'll turn it off first. @stux

@catswhocode @stux I have used InstaFree since Nov 2015. Back then, I first signed up wanting a Teamspeak. Later on then upgraded, but I wanted to have the renewal time pushed to new year, even though it was still in Nov. Bryan happily let me do that pay the upgrade then, but upgraded straight away.

I used the shared hosting since then too, later on changing to use the reseller hosting. Which even though in the TOS, Bryan does forbid providing free hosting to others, Bryan was completely fine with me having a reseller to provide free hosting to my friends whom I run and help manage websites for.

One of those friends during 2016, someone they were friends with then, who also was using InstaFree for reseller hosting, that person basically stole my friend off me, that despite them KNOWING about the rule about multiple hosting accounts, and about the providing free hosting.. knowing I was providing hosting for that friend.. they suddenly created a hosting account for them for hosting a forum running IPS Forum.

I knew straight away it was a nulled version and immediately realised it was running under an account on InstaFree under that one's reseller.

Messaged Bryan about that. And just like that that one was kicked out, as Bryan takes zero tolerance to TOS violations.

That one, knew my friend had an account under my reseller I was providing hosting for, and that I specifically asked Bryan if it's okay. They knew about the rule on having multiple accounts which they'd therefore also broken by creating my friend an account knowing they have an account already.

And then running nulled software, in which a deeper dive, Bryan realised another rule they'd broken too, that they were using their reseller hosting as an extension of providing hosting elsewhere, in which their site advertising their hosting, that was supposed to be hosted under their reseller on InstaFree, we discovered was also running on nulled software.

Like literally, the supposedly legit IPS software license.. it had a validity of 20 years, which at the pricing back then in 2016, would equal $7200. Definitely legit 👀.

Bryan's been in the hosting business since the late 90s, and took over the reins of InstaFree back in 2011, and has stuck to his promise to the original owner, that he'd never make InstaFree into a commercial service, would never introduce advertising, requirements like post to host, and has always kept things professional.. well besides the relaxed cat obsessed atmosphere that the forum is lol.

Bryan also runs the parent company. InstaFree's services runs on all the same grade equipment and everything as WSWD's services, and InstaFree's up keep is entirely paid by WSWD.

@catswhocode @stux i do know that the home page of InstaFree is very not up to speed with what one expects to day though. Bryan isn't too bothered tbh with that as it's the forum and the actual service that's most important, and the good word folks give about InstaFree, about Bryan in other places lol.

@jase ehh I don't really care about that, as long as the service is good! @stux

@catswhocode @stux yup I mainly meant that as to Stux XD.

I was a bit reluctant at first back in 2015, but Bryan so quickly showed how lovely he is and the other members. Though there is a couple I've muted due to their attitudes, who I know would feel right at home on one of these free speech instances, and would be two that I'd personally get rid of if I was Bryan. But everyone else is awesome, and are respectful.

@catswhocode @stux

And only reason I don't directly use InstaFree mainly now, though I do have a salt lake city based VPS which will be using for my US friend's site when I get around to it rather than them connect to my Germany based VPS for that.

Only reason I have my sites and things now not on such is because I switched to using a dedicated server back in Nov 2019 with WorldStream based in Netherlands, firstly mainly for gaming servers, but then moved my site hosting over.

September last year, I moved away from my dedicated server to a VPS of basically the same specs with Contabo based in Germany.

200gb, 8gb, 4 vcores. All really nice. €4.99/m. Crazy cost for a VPS, but super good. Complete match besides the fact that it's virtual rather than dedicated. Plenty enough for my site hosting and Minecraft server. And instead of the €30-/+ it cost with my dedi, just much more beneficial.

And then I use Oracle cloud's arm always free offering for my instance here plus running my discord bot etc. Which if Oracle ever pulls what they're so fricken known to do with people's accounts, then I'll definitely be getting another contabo VPS to run my instance lol.

@catswhocode @stux which, even that €30 for the specs I had with my dedicated server, that was really absurd low cost for that. Though.. one reason I moved from Worldstream besides it just not being justifiable for me, that they for a whole year of me nagging, wouldn't change my title on my account.

Meanwhile, Bryan, whenever I'd asked him to change something, he's super fast in doing so.

And Contabo, they I had a trashy first communication from them when I asked a question back in 2020 or so that Bryan was absolutely shocked with how snarky of a response I had back.

But after that aggravating year with Worldstream, I thought, do I want to stay paying this amount of a shitty company or pay this less amount to a maybe still shitty company but that's most probably just the fact I had the luck of someone that maybe wasn't having so good of a day.

At least Contabo offers Mx as an option lmao.

@catswhocode @stux

Now, InstaFree's forum used to have part of the forum publicly shown. But Bryan changed that a while ago so you have to at least have an account to see, as someone who managed to get past Bryan's spam filters used one of the public forums to advertise themselves. And then having got banned, created additional accounts to send abuse to me and Bryan. So that was what led Bryan to completely have the forum inaccessible without being signed in. Is a bit of a shame that the public section is no longer public, but to keep that from ever repeating and keep the community a friendly place, it was a good thing.

@catswhocode @stux I didn't actually use my full legal name when I signed up, and a few others same. Though Bryan was okay when we owned up about that.

Me, I didn't because my deadname that it now is, was just simply what my current last name, Wolf is half of. I've used Jase Wolf everywhere, and so it's just second nature saying Jase Wolf. So I didn't even realise, until after I filled in my thrid application to get my VPS if I can remember (first application was for teamspeak, second was for shared hosting which was switched to reseller, then third was for VPS). Only then, I did my full legal name as it was then, and I aked Bryan, who comfimed I just had did Jase Wolf with the first two lmao.

Another one, in the forum a while ago owned up about that too, though out of being unsure.

Which Bryan, as a general rule, still you follow what is asked, and if you don't, you don't get hosting as it's a free service so got to prevent InstaFree turning into just yet another provider that gets abused so much it degrades the experience for everyone else.

But if you are respectful, you show you're actually someone that wants to respect and not abuse the service, and you actually communicate, Bryan isn't bug and nasty, he's lovely.

And despite that English is in the TOS as a requirement for sites, if people again communicate, there's many members that have signed up that are from various places, that despite them not being able to speak English well, have gotten hosting, and host in their language.

@catswhocode @jase uhh it seems a bit uh.. sketchy to be honest :blobcatgiggle: :blobcat_banban:

I could offer this also but I’m not big enough yet :blobcateyesblush: it’s basically just a shared DirectAdmin panel server for example, can be as low as 2 or 4 bucks a month haha! (For 100-500 users)

@stux the cat blogs and videos started in East and SE Asian countries (particularly Japan and South Korea) years before YouTube, or "modern" social media, as soon as digital cameras became popular and affordable (due to language barriers they weren't immediately noticed by the West, until some bloggers used YouTube as a storage space for the videos but just deeplinked them rather than use YT descriptions (so they just had the camera generated filenames)

@vfrmedia WRONG! Glenn Quagmire was the first one to ever post a picture of his cat on everyone's internet computer :flan_laugh: :peter:

@stux its still a thing particularly with older generations, in Japan they take their DSLRs to the fish docks and feed cats with the leftover fish that would go out of date that day and make the videos, and in South Korea Mr Ha who runs a fish farm befriended all the feral cats and tamed them and built a giant cat house and enclosure to keep them safe..

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