I really would love to see crash so damn hard :blobcatgiggle: :catblush:

I saw it come to live years ago with a good intention but it has grown to an energy eating monster that only consumes incredible amounts of resources but also intellect that could be used for so many better goal like cold fusion for example.

@stux I did have some but got rid of it before the crash! Glad I did.

@catswhocode Man I see the shit everywhere these days.. Litterary everywhere, like freaking Mr. Robot :amaze:

I hate the fact boomers ruined it...


@stux yeah it kind of became "mainstream" and thus commercialized, like big tech.


@catswhocode I have a feeling ppl who know shit about it have the biggest word on it :blobderp:

I was just watching the news and yet again.. I wish someone would just say "No. No, I'm not gonna talk about crypto."


@stux hahaha I've noticed that too! They don't want to seem out of touch.

@stux I remember somewhere around 2010 (give or take a year) I was aware of bitcoin, and someone told me, the enegry it takes to mine a bitcoin costs about as much as that bitcoin would be worth right now. I had a computer sitting idle and I didn't pay my own energy bill, so I briefly considered it. But I quickly realised: if it takes that much energy, it's got to be bad for the planet, I won't get involved. If I realised this in 2010, when I was 20, why doesn't the world get this yet?

@Corina :blobcatgiggle: I remember good! At the time the mining 'level' was a lot lower and much easier so also less engery and a decent PC could at least do its thing before ppl came alone with freaking mining rigs :amaze:

It went up sooo fast

@stux yes, today you'd need a whole data center to mine one coin. The energy waste grew exponentially.

@Corina Exact! Plus all people working on that shit :sad_psychedelic:

Imagine all that time invested in FOSS for example

@stux I still can't believe that i spend 0.5 BTC for a Pizza in Vienna wayback in 2013. 😂 Perhaps we reach this again.

@stux Perhaps you'll find some BTC. Luckily i have sold mine some years ago.

@dk3jf nah! I always sold them right away to be sure :blobcatgiggle:

@dk3jf It's free :blobcatgiggle: Onions are always free yay!

The cert does cost some money but I think that was via PayPal :blobcatgiggle:

Hmm, I have to do this for Caddy. I don't want to lose the http/3 features.

@stux Did you seriously pay for a TLS cert for an .onion?
The address is the public key, so no TLS certificate is required.
Doing TLS over TLS is a complete waste too.
Why would generating a keypair cost anything more than the electricity cost of doing so?

@Suiseiseki Yup but for a reason 😉 Masto didn't work correct with http and did many redirects to https but that didn't work on http tor and a self-signed would turn to many ppl away cause of the warning :blobcatgiggle:

So yeah, since the start of the war and since we're now blocked in China a simple onion cert was quite welcome :blobcathearts:

@stux i must have got that wrong at some Point.
just installed tor at may laptop and configured a hidden service and blup we have a .onion domain. That was easy. 😻

@dk3jf @stux On Linuxtag in Berlin some time ago a Berlin restaurant accepted Bitcoin as payment.

Nerds as we are I gathered some bitcoin (around 20) and payed all the food for my booth buddies. That amounted to about 10 BTC.

The remaining 10 bitcoin I selled of fast, because they were at a all time high (7,00€)...

@abid @stux It was not the best pizza that i've had. But it was in retroperective the most expensive one.

@stux That is universal for all proof of work currencies. It's a mad scramble to do as much work as possible for ever-decreasing amounts of coins

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