@stux Neill Degrasse Tyson when being asked "what is a UFO?"

"It's stuff in the sky that you don't know what it is"

(I can't cite this particularly well, but it was on the podcast "The Cryptid Factor" when he was interviewed by Buttons)

@stux Steven Wright said everywhere is in walking distance if you've got the time.

@stux seems like something inspirobot would come up with.

@stux [Description] A gorgeous photograph of the milky way in a dark blue night sky alive with stars. In the foreground is the silhouette of a steep mountain. The horizon is bathed in pale light.

The caption, in white letters, reads, "anything can be a UFO if you're bad at identifying stuff"

@stux that’s because it’s “unidentified flying object” 😂😂 #ufo #alien

@stux pfft I love near an airport so see UFOs every 15 minutes….

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