Mastodon does not serve ads, tracks you or sell your data❤️ That means server admins do net get any income from running a service and that's the point :cat_hug_triangle:

However we do need to pay the bills for the servers, media storage and email sending! See how you can contribute to your server admin to keep things running smooth :blobcatsnuggle: :mastodon: :fediverse:

If you would like to support me with, and all other services:

You can do so in the following ways :cathug:

Every little bit is a massive help, never say sorry for donating!❤️


To see how you can help the server admin from the instance you are on you can always checkout the /about/more page or ask the server admin ❤️ :mastodon: :cat_hug_triangle:

@stux I just checked the about page of my instance. apparently, I'm the admin. what now? ;p

@stux @meganeko haha nice idea, just transferred 10€ to me for hosting 😂

@sailreal @meganeko If we could only do that endlessly :blobcatgiggle: not in a circle but from one to the other :flan_laugh:

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