Yeah, I dunno.. tested both on Glitch-doc and vanilla (.coffee) but both ‘mention’ tabs in the official app keeps loading forever :sadlinux:

Anyone else with iOS who can confirm this before I submit an issue?

CC @Gargron

Already cleared cache, relogged & reinstalled the app

@stux @Gargron I noticed the same issue with the iOS app yesterday — “Mentions” did not load content, but the “Everything” tab did.

@stux @Gargron I can say that I had a similar issue like yours on the official Android app - just with the difference that the affected taps are the news, toots and 'for you'-tab at the search button.

Note: This problem vanished magically without any reason after I've used the app today. Can it be a server problem maybe? I tried also steps like reinstalling and cleaning cache before. Weird... 🤔

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