I still think is the fastest out there for . It loads even faster than Twitter and all others yay!

Ofc the server ‘speed’ also matters here but even than Metatext is by far the fastest

@stux idk why it feels kind of sluggish n buggy for me idrk why tbh

@stux meta text on Android is not a good app lol

The best app for Mastodon on Android is the official one, same goes to iOS imo

@Planetjunkie I have no clue about Android :blobcatgiggle: Didn't even knew it was available on android lol!

When i used my gf's phone Fedilab seems also very good!

@stux someone ported it there that's why, it ain't official.... Yet

@Planetjunkie Ah that makes sense :blobcatgiggle:

But you're right indeed! The official Mastodon app on Android works a LOAD better than iOS it seems :thinktink:

@stux I liked the design for the iOS official app

It's just that it lacks, with android its actually the best app for mastodon, hell as you can tell I'm using it right now

@Planetjunkie Most certailly! The design is amazing! But it does lack 'speed' a bit :blobcatgiggle:

Maybe it sounds stupid but I would love to see something like the 'Twitter' app on iOS for Masto

Lightweight and fast with a nice design

@stux hm, if I have enough time I'll consider making one for both iOS and Android via flutter or react native

@stux however I dunno if I will be able to compile and publish it for iOS cuz I don't have the money and the hardware to do it

(A MacBook and 100$ for the apple developer fees)

@Planetjunkie I get that! ❤️ If you could push it to git we can compile and run it outselfs ❤️

No need for damn Apple or Google! 💪

@stux hopefully I'll release it on GitHub (and a gitlab mirror for the people in china) when I have the time to start development :)

@Planetjunkie Ohh please do! :blobcatgiggle:

It doesn't have to be that 'special' but just something nice inbetween that works :blobcatgiggle:

Like the most 'simple' things for example, sharing a photo from the lib directly in a toot like Twitter. Some Masto apps have it, others lack it :blobcatgiggle: Same goes for web pages in Safari for example

Sooo weird

@Planetjunkie Huh! Interesting! :blobcatgiggle: Gotta see it, but sure! Why not!

@stux Love metatext. Would love it more if it could get the oldest first (and keep me in the right scroll positons) when I tap for more toots. #ios #firstworldproblems

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