@stux what a dream come true 😍 He found heaven.

@gummibunny you know, they grow up to be grown-ass cats. (etc etc etc i assume you already know/can guess what's involved)

@jasper I'm in the animal field, I know exactly what's involved. I'd still lay down and let them all swarm me. 🥲

@stux "who would do this?" Their mother presumably?

@stux I get that, but other than them maybe being accustomed to a person there doesn't seem to be much to say that they aren't just outside whatever hidey-hole they were born in.

Could be dumped of course but seems a bit of a leap without finding the container they were in?

@stux @InsertUser its actually pretty common to dump unwanted litters in the forest or even be as cruel as into a river/lake. If these were wild kittens they would definitely not approach a human like this.

@stux@mstdn.social haha, I would be the cat lady and take all of them home plus the mother haha and then cry when the animal ambulance takes them with them haha

@stux@mstdn.social yea I barely have room for my cat, rabbit and myself haha, imagine adding more then 6 others hahaha

I guess that they were set out without the mother, happens quite often 😕

@stux that’s both my dream and my nightmare! I’d want them all but know that I couldn’t take them all

@masterofsorrow Same! :blobcatgiggle: I think i would bring them home but also start looking for good homes :bloblaugh:

@stux considering hoe the kittens are not shy and that the man wasn't driven off hy thier mother he probably knows these lil guys

@stux ngl that has to be the cutest thing i had seen

@griffiii @stux

I guess you he had to wait until they chilled out or drive *very* carefully back home 😸


@stux I couldn’t spot if anybody had followed up on this but it seems that he’s taken them all home and is currently looking after them. instagram.com/tv/CelxPeMD9US/?. YAY! 🎉

@stux @Tattooed_mummy

Phew, good to hear! I was getting worried by the original video 😁

@stux the kittens were most likely dumped by a human who didnt bother to spay/neuter their cats. Which is not only animal cruelty but also essentially causing damage to the local wildlife (13 kittens is def enough to overhunt birds and other animals). Im very glad this man found them.

@foervraengd @stux Yeah these were definitely not stray kittens ... they all ran straight up to the next human in sight.... That's not normal for stray kats or kittens..
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