@stux saw already, sorry was sleepy yesterday and didnt saw lool

Hmmm, nah. I can explain how it works, but it just fun toy, not more...
@hacknorris @stux

@hacknorris @stux Put in plain words, it's a stroboscope with a frequency beyond our perception range – and cats' it appears.

You can easily get the same effect just from the image frequency of the recording itself, since a camera works the same way.

One case where you can often see this effect in film is on spinning wheels. Pay attention to car wheels on camera. Sometimes they will appear to spin far too slowly, or even backwards.

People neither. It's nothing to believe in. It's just fact.
But that is interesting. It shows that the frequency of optical reception of humans and cats are pretty similar.

@stux turn off the light and see of the cat plays with they downward stream.

Cats will sometimes bat like that at normal looking water drips

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